Rename Legacy to permanent

So from what I understood is that after the first cycle is finished ur account isn’t gone and it will be put onto Legacy which is kind of a permanent season which will also get all the new content but u won’t start from 0 again so I think it would be nice if they rename it to Permanent and not Legacy since Legacy sounds like it’s old outdated.

Sure, why not, lets get it

I feel like the best name is Eternal, but it is taken already.
Apart from that I rather like Legacy, it gives vibes of something important, timeless.

I would like to name it “Brez’n”

You are passing on your characters, currencies, gear, … from the Cycle onto the Legacy format.
Your characters also surpass any game system changes, passing on their progress to a new build/skill interaction/bug fix/whatever.

Seems aptly named to me.

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Not to mention that, as more cycles end, you’re leaving behind a legacy of characters over time.

Ultimately, I don’t think there’s an issue with the name. But Permanent wouldn’t be a good name for it anyway, because it would lead to think that your cycle characters were temporary and would lead new players to think they’d lose their character at cycle end.

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I like the name Permanent.

Also, can we rename Cycle to “Leaderboard”, as there is absolutely no point in playing it unless you want to partake in the leader board. (Or you are the kind of masochist that enjoys starting a char with absolutely nothing - an idea that gives me terrible nightmares - maybe rename it to Masochist??) :smiley:

Only if we rename SAF to Selfish And Friendless

Oh, and true Offline needs to be called “Broke People”, obviously!



Legacy sounds like it’s old outdated.

You are correct lmao, look it up in the dictionary, perfect word for the old outdated characters .

this is gotta be a troll right? Like who would take their time to complain about a word?

Instead of using the term ‘updates’ can we say ‘future endeavors’

better yet why am I here, asking about it, its just as bad


Besides the fresh start what is the difference between legacy and cycle? do we get any new content like diablo 3 seasonal themes?

maybe in the future, right now , its just a fresh restart for everyone, updates, bug fixes , pretty much exactly like D2 works .

Let’s just call it what it is… the Beer League.