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[Removed —[Sarno]]. Ambient occlusion

You said: - “Your post is complete nonsense.”

Also, Last Epoch does have Ambient Occlusion."

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[Removed —Sarno]

A complete nonsense ??? Really??

Look at this. it is 2 january 2021 year the freshest version of last Epoch
Ambient occlusion is “shadow” or “dark colour” on the ground around any object.
There should be such thing around the character
Where do you see it???


In next time when you reply to me then use your words “complete nonsense” towards to you

Ambient occlusion

I’ve absolutely no clue, what you’re up to. I didn’t understand your linked post last year.

You posted some weird reasons why you left PoE and something about ambient occlusion. Now 3 months later you necro this topic and post a Autodesk tutorial. What exactly are you up to? Just trolling people out of boredom?

Or do you have a real question about something or suggestion to improve LE? Or some substantial feedback?

If so I’d suggest you phrase your feedback differently so other people can understand it.

I’m very surprised What are you talking about?

Forget about poe, forget about trolling
Why are you talking about boredom???
Trolls are moral freaks who spoil other people’s topics
Do you call me a moral freak???

Ambient occlusion does’t exist around the character.
I did post the image from game and from autodesk maya
It is very difficult to understand why you are so negative.
If you see on the screenshot then you will see that the ambient occlusion around the character is absent

I am a game designer and art-polygonal modeler, - i am not a troll how you think

I have made -especially for you- ambient acclusion
I made an enhanced effect -especially for the example -so that you can see

Here is a cylinder without ambient occlusion like in the game

While you’re welcome to post about ambient occlusion (or any other topic), please do not create new threads to argue with what someone said six months previously. It is intentional that threads automatically close themselves, and this will be seen as circumventing moderation if it is repeated. As will attempting to recreate this thread.

Threads on the forum should not be created to speak to one particular community member. The forum is a place for civil discussion; not somewhere to dig up old grievances.