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Remove loot

I know the title is a bit click baity but hear me out.

I’ve seen this complaint over the years in a few different arpgs where people feel like loot slows them down and can be missed sometimes with certain builds. For instance you might hit a pack of monsters with a DoT and move on knowing they will die. Currently you wouldn’t know off screen if an exalted item dropped from them. This means some builds you have to sit and wait for things to die just to see if they drop anything.

The solution already exists in LE. At the end of an echo you have a reward chest. My suggestion is to disable loot from individual monsters and instead increase the drops from the reward chest at the end. Maybe do something like a slider that shows the player tiered rewards based on how many monsters they kill, so they know while in the echo if they care to keep killing or leave.

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The random reward chest at the end already does scale with monster defeated in the echo.
I would agree that this needs to be drastically increased.

But removing random loot will take away the major source of “random exciting moments”.

Very rare and valueable drops are even more exciting, when they drop unexpected.

While I agree that DoT builds might run into issues like this, I don’t think removing loot from monsters is the right solution.

I would rather add sound/visual effects to more valueable items (beyond Uniques and Rare Crafting materials). Maybe with more advanced loot filters options.


How dare you? May you rott in the abyss from which Orobyss spawns forever having your toenails ripped from their fingertips…huh? Remove monster drop loot from an arpg… humph…

Seriously tho… I’m with Heavy on giving more visual feedback to the loot filter subsystem to address your concern… It is interesting that you mention it tho, I have realised that I am falling foul of similar recently - totally ignoring loot, even if I am not rushing a map - I think its because of having played so long & being a hoarder but my way of looking at loot has definitely evolved the more I play… to the point where I care less and am probably missing some choice items…


I liked the early Warhammer 40k inquisitor martyr days. The stuff dropped in the level was autocollected and shown after the run. No missed items no problems in MP because you get the loot from the other end of the map where you’ve never been. It was such a great thing that made it possible to simply play the game without running arround and picking up stuff and looking if it’s good or not and so on and so forth.

Sadly they changed the whole system because of a few people that went into babyrage mode because there wa no loot to pick up. It was a sad sad day.

I think such an attempt isn’t managable for LE because if you don’t play with a filter and take a look at the ammount of items that drop it would cluster more then the whole screen with items after a run.

Grifts in D3 feel about right to me. Do “hard” content and get a big reward after you killed the final boss. Then again the loot explosion in LE might be a nogo for this.

After all I think the system in place is okay and after some toying with the lootfilter everything is rather manageable but I still dislike that there is no autoloot for crafting mats :(.

i totally agree. i’m so tired of running around trying to click on stuff and missing it by a pixel while mobs are hitting me all over. max, put a reward icons icon somewhere so you could see how many gold/uniqes/fragments/etc. you are expected to get once you open the reward chest so people still get their instant gratification when they blow up the mobs.

I most strenuously disagree with this. I respect the OP’s opinion and his expression of it but I am on the total other side of the coin here.

From my perspective, firstly you can tweak your loot filter to only stop for important drops. Secondly, and most importantly, I think that removing drops and putting everything into a chest merely encourages the infamous “zoom zoom” playstyle.

While everyone has the right to play zoom zoom, it should remain a choice. Forcing a game into that modus operandi results in the types of messes we have seen in our cousin Path of RNG. This shift in encouraged gameplay goes to promoting speed meta builds, and non speed builds are in effect punished the further it spreads. Right now you have several choices: make a better loot filter, ignore drops, ignore small amounts of gold spam on the floor, or pick up whatever you want and take your time.

An ARPG is supposed to be about loot. Moving everything to the end of a map just seems to dilute that concept a little too much for me, but that’s just my counter opinion.