Remove/Adjust CoF Favor Removal on Faction Leave

This is an absurd rule, to lose all favor when you leave a faction.

I can get a new character to level 5 and in a faction of choice within 5-10 minutes. Why then do I have to decide on a low level 6 character, to leave CoF and abandon a massive stack of favor, or to remake the character.

At the LEAST - Favor removed should be based on character level. Level 10 character loses 10% of current favor. This would make a lot more sense than being forced to sacrifice 100k favor to change the faction on a level 10 character.

Literally the favor removal makes 0 sense at this current time. If it is to prevent swapping factions on a single character, then clearly there needs to be a time limit of 2 faction changes a day - or something similar to this.

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Or make changing factions use an item that drops, often enough that legit players can change when they want, without such a goofy sacrifice of time spent.