Releveling skills

I recently swapped into some different skills to try a new build with my character but it has only given me 7 points back and now i dnt have enough points invested to clear the current content i am at

Can i go back and farm lower level creatures for skill xp?
Is there a fast way to get some skill levels back?


Yes, you can go to lower level content and relevel the skills if you wish (though not too low level as you’ll get less xp), though the lower leel skills will level up much faster so it won’t be an issue for long.

OP has hit what I see as the biggest flaw of all in the game’s design.

This game has huge depth in terms of the player’s choice of skills to use and how to build those skills’ trees. It is wonderfully deep.

And yet the devs have made it so horribly painful for a player to experiment with their build. It takes so long for skills to level to 20 (to put it in scope, the very first skill you spec into will hit level 20 about the time you finish the campaign, assuming you have never once unspecced it).

There is just no scope for the player to make mistake or even just try anything else out, because any skill you unspec will be reset to a low level and you need to start levelling it all over again if you change your mind.

Yes, it gets OK towards end game when you can level new skills in under an hour, but players want to experiment most while playing through the campaign and at that point it is prohibitably expensive to risk a respec as it sets you back SO MUCH in terms of TIME to re-level skills.

Multiple hours of play to get a skill back to where you had it, just because you wanted to experiment with a small build change? Come on, this isn’t the year 2000 and Diablo 2 days.

I think this is major flaw, and results in players being forced to follow internet builds very precisely, and thus have all their creativity stifled by a system that is VERY unfriendly to respeccing.


Multiple hours to respec? No idea what you are talking about. The higher your character is the more your skills get “boosted” when you repspec. In empowered monolith endgame (100 map) it took me 5-10 minutes to bring a skill from 18 to 20. Also people mostly overrate the impact of skillpoints. If an ability has +15% “increased” damage is in the endgame calculation an impact of 1-2%. And most other impactful things for the skill are already reachable with 10-15 skillpoints.


Did you miss the part where I said respeccing is OK at end-game? I mean you mentioned lvl 100 map, so you just ignored what I said??

Here’s a concrete example: I am level 22 Sorc. I had Fireball to level 12 as main spam and decided that a placeable Fire Nova might be a better idea. I respecced out of FB and into EN. Took me a couple of hours to get Nova to 12 so I could make a fair comparison, and then I discovered it didn’t work as I hoped, and I replaced the Fireball again. FB is now level 4. Another 2 hours before FB was back to level 12.

So yeah, when levelling in the campaign, repseccing costs many hours per skill.


I think this is mainly a new player problem. When you’ve played the game for a while you come to realise that, unless you need specific nodes to make a skill function (eg, the Rip Blood proc from Bone Curse, it basically starts working properly around skill lvl 17) that the campaign is so easy that it really doesn’t matter if some of your skills are a few levels lower than others.

Not to dismis what the OP is feeling, but it’s really not a big issue in the campaign and in monos your lower level skills level up so quickly that they’ll be back up to par in a few monos.

I think this is mainly a new player problem.

Still a problem that could be solved with a better system. Time as a currency for satisfactory gameplay is probably something that WILL drive new players away, if anything else.

Like you said, it’s not a big deal in mid to high monos, but it is definitely an issue - doesn’t matter if it only affects a small number of people.

This is the better system. Before it was introduced skills didn’t have minimum levels and didn’t get more xp if they were below a certain threshold level so you had to lvl them up a lot further more slowly.

This isn’t D3 where skills should be swapped out on the fly (or even “in town” which is almost the same thing).

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This isn’t D3

Glad we cleared that up, I was confused as heck. This also explains the lack of goblins!

This is the better system.

Kind of arrogant to put it that way, but I won’t try to discuss further.

I don’t think Llama was being arrogant.

He just meant, that this was already a topic in the past and they devs initially were very resistant to make releveling (and swapping) skills too easy.

Eventually there was a patch in the past that introduced Minimum Respec Levels, Exp Catch Up Mechanics and changed the Level Progression Curve for skills.

Llama simply said that what we currently have, already is an “improved system” from what it was previously.

If you still think this current system is not good, that is definitely good feedback.

But I am also on the same camp, where changing skills should come with a cost.

As a tip during campaign and early levels: Always keep one high leveled skill and just use your 2nd and 3rd specialisation slots for experimentation.

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Why? The curent system is objectively faster to relevel skills at all points in the game with the possible exception of the very early game, but at that point you can just equip a better weapon and you’re doing way more damage!

I feel very strongly that you are wildly exaggerating here. I’ve respecced numerous skills, numerous times, on numerous characters, throughout the campaign, for the purpose of experimentation. It has never stopped my forward progress at any point in time and it never took “multiple hours”. Even during the campaign skills re-level rapidly and the minimum skill level alone was always plenty of points to make a totally bare skill powerful.

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So I tried something today. I kept my skills on the minimum level up to char level 40 and I had 0 issues using skills with only 5 skillpoints in. As soon as you get more knowledge about the game and the static story arc you’ll run it most likely without spending skillpoints at all if you realy want to ^^.

Also, as I sadly found out, if you have items that grant skills sometimes the specialization points that get removed when you take that off are not that last ones allocated. I have completely ruined some of my skills and it will take days/hours now to rework the allocated skill points, because of this flaw. This flaw blocks progression (and frankly, feels bad).

This is not a flaw, it is by design. It is done this way to prevent you from repeatedly re-equipping +skills items to bypass the respec system and reassign your points all over the place without ever having to relevel your skills.

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I could only imagine that to be the case if you only get ~10 mines to play a day.

As Bronco said, it’s intended to prevent the equipping and unequipping of the + skills gear giving the player a free respec.

It is frustrating, however, when you swap said peice of gear out (to craft or whatever) and re-equip it and forget to reallocate the skill points.

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I get why… it’s just not very ideal how it plays out. A (very) simplified version of the problem/flaw/friction is this:

  • I have SkillA (A)
  • I allocate 3 points into SkillA.Specialization1 (A.Spec1). These points were from playing the game, and investing in the specialization.
    – (A.TotalPoints=3 A.Spec1=3, A.Spec2=0)
  • I equip an item that grats 3 more points to SkillA (A.TotalPoints)
    – (A.TotalPoints=6 A.Spec1=3, A.Spec2=0)
  • I allocate 3 points into SkillA.Specialization2 (A.Spec2)
    – (A.TotalPoints=6 A.Spec1=3, A.Spec2=3)
  • I then remove (intentionally or accidentally) the item granting additional points and points are then de-allocated from (random?) allocated points
    – (A.TotalPoints=3 A.Spec1=0, A.Spec2=3)

In this example, if this instead (more intuitively) removed the last-allocated, it would end up as:
– (A.TotalPoints=3 A.Spec1=3, A.Spec2=0)

  • Say further, I intended to remove that item granting the 3 points. To restore my previous allocations I now need to now de-allocate 3 points, re-farm XP for those 3 points, and re-allocate:
    – (A.TotalPoints=0 A.Spec1=0, A.Spec2=0)
    – Note: This is greatly simplified, but if those points had been into some critical specialization that did things like reduced/removed a mana cost, or changed the behavior from Physical to Fire, that removal can have DRASTIC consequences on the build functioning.

I’m totally good with choices having consequences and for “respecs” to have at least this “minimal” cost-of-choice… that’s fine and great. But what isn’t great is unexpectedly having the build broken by a non-intuitive or even accidental action.

This is more or less what happened to my build. I attempted to compensate for a breaking of my build. I then further tried to put the item that granting skill points BACK on as it provided some other necessary benefits and allocated other points. These points were removed from a leap-node (with minimum points to get to the next node). I realized this too, would not work, so removed the skill granting item a second time and completely DIFFERENT points were removed from the tree putting the point allocation into a very bad state.

So now, I have to more or less roll back as best I can my build progress, go farm up “easier” content for a long period to get XP for those allocations, and then I can continue on. This is likely less of an issue if you are over geared or already 90-100 but if you are in the 60-80 leveling range this can be devastating.

So that’s why it’s a flaw to me: de-allocating skill points granted by a item -should- remove points as: last-allocated-first-dealllocated… but it doesn’t work like that at all. Alternatively, if the point removal can’t be deterministic perhaps some confirmation would be a good compromise: “(Un)Equipping this item will (de-)allocate # random specialization points from [Skill]. Are you sure you want to do this?”. The confirmation would also prevent “oops” cases so a spurious right-click-item-equip doesn’t completely screw up a build.

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I was at no point complaining the campaign was difficult. I am aware it is super easy. In fact its lack of enemy density early is one the reasons re-levelling skills takes so very long. However this is rather irrelevant. The point remains with a new char being levelled anew, the player wants to swap skills and points all the time to experiment. Late game is not an issue.

And I am not a new player, I’ve levelled about a dozen chars to 90+ in offline mode over many hundreds of hours. And I am aware this is the new system, I fought hard against the old system on these very forums years ago. It’s still terrible design.

This isn’t 2003 when players have 1 million hours to waste on broken builds and discarded chars. Imagine PoE if the gems de-levelled when you unequipped them.

Good thing it doesn’t take a million hours then.

But if the campaign is so easy that you’re not penalised for having lower level skills, and skills relevel fast in monos, don’t understand where the issue is.

Other than a general “I don’t want to have to relevel my skills to try something new, build identity/permanence be damned”?

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Build identity and permanence be damned. Absolutely yes.

I’ll feel 100% build identity once I’ve managed to do all the experimentation I want to do and settled on a final build.

The issue is the FUN it takes out of the game having to run the whole campaign with skills nerfed from where they could have been, just because of a mechanic that is trying to add “build identity” to the game while freely allowing respecs but just making it painful to respec in the most valuable commodity of all: the player’s time.

That is not build identity, that is trolling the player.

Try to think back to when you were a new LE player…

How can new players have build identity when they do not know what all the abilities and their skill trees does yet? And how do they find out what everything does when any attempt to experiment to find out is so costly right when you just want to have fun starting the game.