Release 0.9 before MP?

Obviously I/we want to play it early. That March announcement really soured the mood though.

Of course it would help with stability before the MP implementation.

Huh? 0.9 IS MP.

Not sure how the devs would release 0.9 before MP as they are one and the same. Sure 0.9 will have new content, but its basically the MP release. Remember, the devs took the single player version we have all been playing and their internal MP efforts and merged them into one.

If you want to play now, then join the CT Testing program - if you are lucky and get access (if they havent closed new applications) then you can play the latest. If not, then you just have to be patient like the rest of us.

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The devs also said that it’d take a month to convert all the stuff they’ve done for mp to be applied to the sp version which would stop them from making any progress on anything else.

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