Rejuvenating Splinters does not shatter totems hit by Shockwaves

Rejuvenating Splinters states that “Upheaval and Shockwave hits now Shatter totems” and while this functions with Upheaval hits, it does not work with Shockwave hits, no matter how close the Shockwave is to the totem or whether the Shockwave is emitted by a hit against an enemy or another totem.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Put a skillpoint into Rejuvenating Splinters (and thereby also into Tectonic Slam) in the Upheaval tree.
  2. Summon a Thorns Totem next to the target dummy.
  3. Hit the target dummy (but not the Thorns Totem) with Upheaval a couple of times until you trigger a Shockwave due to Tectonic Slam.

Expected behaviour: The Shockwave triggered by Tectonic Slam should shatter the Thorns Totem.

Observed behaviour: The Shockwave does not shatter the Thorns Totem and the totem remains intact.

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