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Reign of Winter?

This unique bow confuses me. Reign of Winter has +Spell Cold Damage on it, but as far as I’m aware there aren’t any spell or spell-scaling abilities in the Rogue’s kit. I looked through passives/skill trees etc, but I couldn’t find anything. What am I missing here?

The “proc” from the item itself is a spell (it also scales with attunement), and there are even other “spells” triggered from various different items.

You can press [ALT] while overing over the unique to see the Sub-Type tooltips

This is definitely a niche item you need to build around, just like it should be^^

And the best things about Uniques for me in any arpg. Just hope that LE adds more end-game viable ones… Absolutely LOVE building a char around a juicy unique drop. Unfortunately there are very few at the moment… Heres hoping… :wink:

Totally agreed, but basically every single unique they added with 0.8.1 is insanely cool. Some might be not super “unique” in terms of uniqie affects, but they at least give stats not available on those slots.
But some of the new implemented ones are INSANE

Very interesting. Thanks for the insight, guys. Now to think of how to scale this item…