Reign of Dragons - Dragon's Grotto Bugged Dragon

Hi this is the fight where you fight 3 storm dragons in Lagon’s arena.

When I phased in one of the dragons (can’t remember the name right now - if I had the names in front of me I could tell you but I couldn’t find the info online) was just hanging out in the top left of the arena and the other 2 aggro’d onto me. I fought the 2 without the other one even noticing me the entire time. When I started fighting the 3rd after I killed the other two he seemed to not start using moves for awhile.

Not sure if this is a bug… Its fairly easy not to aggro the one Dragon and then kill him after the first two… I tend to do that by default to make the battle much easier…

If he didnt execute his special attacks when he did aggro then thats probably a bug tho.

Difficult to reproduce tho…

This is very likely an unexpected behaviour.
I had the same once against the Emperor’s Remains. At first I thought it was because I was hitting him from too far, but probably not.

Just an added thought here… If you are experiencing this kind of thing often (with these and/or other bosses) you might need to verify your Steam game files (if you are using steam) or consider a reinstall of the game…

Sometimes when odd things like this happen it can be that the game files are messed up somehow. LE is obviously still a beta product… :wink:

I feel like it is a bug because to me it feels like the boss encounter means you fight them all together? Maybe I just understand it wrong though. The other dragon did eventually start going through their normal move pool I just was able to wack 'em for a couple seconds before they did anything.

I do not experience this type of thing often and I started playing fairly recently (within the last month or so) so I don’t anticipate it being a game file problem. Obviously its not a huge gamebreaking bug or anything just figured I’d post here so the information is out there. When looking at this bug compared to bugs that things like cyberpunk released with its obviously not a huge deal at all but if they decide to go through and look at monster AI for other reasons its probably valuable to know about.

Honestly, I have never taken on all 3 of those dragons at once… I always go to the right and take on the first two, then the last one on the left… done it at least once for every character I have so thats about a dozen times… never really bothered me.

Dont be too sure on this… There are quite a few transient ‘bugs’ that people have experienced that have disappeared after a game file verification or game file reinstall. I doubt this particular issue is one but things like this do happen.

It could be that this is the crux of the issue - it may be that the dragons AI needs a little adjusting to prevent the one from seeming like a lame duck for a few seconds.

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