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Regarding the new Vilatria set

First of all, I am really happy there is a finally lightning spell based set in the game. I wanted to try it on a lightning blast character as I wanted to build an intelligence stacking zappy boy of death. Sure it has a prefix that favors trying our lighning Meteors but other spells work fine too. While it is enjoyable it can certainly have improvement / changes as it falls a bit short (not getting an offhand hurts a lot). Good rolls on 1h weapons and helmets far outstrips what the shock duration, chance and spell damage per int brings from what I tested. My suggestion would be to make it a 3 part set : 1h scepter, helmet and off hand. It would make it a bit more viable for other ligtning spells other than Meteor.

The 3rd piece could have some stuff like 0.5% shock effectiveness per 1 int and to feel like a real Stormcaller maybe the 3rd set bonus would be something similar to the Lighning strike from the storm caller. So a % chance to have a bolt strike enemies on lightning hit (while shocked maybe?).

If anyone has suggestions feel free to discuss it, maybe this set is acutally really good and I just don’t know how to use it.

The shock chance is definitely the weakest part, but it’s only one of 3 scaling parts.

The shock duration does help tremendously, that’s a very rare stat to come by.

But the flat lightning spell damage is superior to any combination of 1H + Off-Hand gear. (Or even other staves)
It does require decent gear to pay off, so a very good rare weapon and off-hand will most likely be better for early and midgame, but once you have everything in place, you can get 80+ Intelligence.

There is one essentially necessary node in the Meteor Tree to make this set really shine:



If you do not use this node a good rolled Sorcery or Oracle Staff will probably be better in terms of damage output.

But as soon as you utilize that node, you only need ~45 Int, to give you more base damage, then a perfect rolled Sorcery Staff. (You can already achieve 30+ Int with just passives and the set).

Thank you for the input, got to stack more of that Int! Honestly I really want to play lightning blast with this set but at the moment I need better gear because dropping that offhand + 2 extra skill points on the helm hurts a bit too much in empowered or regular high level timelines.

If your main goal is to play Lightning Blast, there is nothing wrong with sticking to regualr rare weapons and once you have all the int on all other gear pieces, like rings, boots, gloves and body armour you coudl transition into using the set.

But if LB is supposed to be your main skill, there is nothign from with just taking a high adaptive spell damage weapon.

The set really does only serve Meteor Builds and depending on how you build, if you still want to use LB, while also using meteor, you can spec meteor to be pur AoE and LB to be pure ST,… or the other way around.

Thank you for the feedback again. I’ll probably stick to crafted items for now, at least until a unique based on LB comes out (this is me praying). I really liked the spell damaged per int though but on non Meteor skills it’s not enough really.

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