Regarding the experimental items/drop rate

I’ll get straight to the point.
The new experimental items have little to no effect in the game. I think they should be buffed, have more mods or a bigger impact on the gameplay. Put the exiled mages in the echoes as a monolith task or something. Same goes for the Merophage drop rate. At this point I own 6 of them…the droprate for what the sword is allowed to do is already pretty high. Even the battle itself is a joke. If you can freeze/stun him, it’s already over.

Maybe there is something in patch notes I’m not aware of. But these are just my thoughts on the current situation.

Much love.

Sorry what was that? I can’t hear you over the screen shake explosions from the zombies I’m spawning per potion.

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I do like most of the experimentel affixes, they are pretty niche for the msot part, but on the builds that do utilize them, they can have a huge impact.

But the problem that I have with them is, that they simply don’t feel special or good.
Because each type of item only has like 2 or 3 different possible experimental affixes you see the same experimental affixes over and over and over again to the point where I am like: “Oh not, not another one”

I think we need far more affixes per slot and possible even more slots to even have experimental affixes.

“they simply don’t feel special or good”
Exactly my point.

I think I would rather see them as a additional implicit on the item itself, instead of taking up affix slots. Except for a few niche places, they are almost never better than what would normally go there.

They are very easy to seal with the rune.

Yeah, I havent played with that aspect yet, since I only have a couple seal runes, and no affixes on worthwhile bases.

The runes drop like candies in early empowered.

Will there be a patch this week ?

0.9.2b just went out, patch notes just got posted on the forums

Sorry. I mean for some hotfixes and stuff like that.

Nevermind, update went live :smiley: