Regarding stun vs freeze

After watching the video of the perma freeze build by boardman, I was wondering if it was possible to make a build in the same spirit but with stun.

I went for void knight with rive and tried to make it work until level 75 then gave up on it, because it seems at this point that stun is not worth the investment.
I managed to go with increased stun chance of 220% and increased melee stun chance of 260%. I don’t know how the maths is done with those stats (the formula of the guide is too imprecise as it doesn’t differentiante increased stun vs increased vs melee stun chance so you don’t know if those add up.
But it seems to be high chance for sentinel.

For the damage I crit ont the 3rd strike between 8-14k so I’d say it’s a decent hit damage value (maybe I’m wrong here too by considering it decent).

As it appears that for trash mob I can perma stun most of them with such stats.
But it gets worse for echo bosses as it doesn’t seems that efficient anymore. And then you face monolith bosses and the mechanic become useless as there isn’t a single stun or stun chain during the fight.

So there are only 2 cc avaliable in LE currently : freeze and stun. The first is so good that you can make a whole build around it to the point you can perma freeze mono bosses and the second seems (is ?) absolute garbage. Because as the endgame revolves around boss fight right now a mechanic that doesn’t work reliably on bosses is a useless mechanic that isn’t worth the investment in terms of passive points/skill tree points/affixes.

I tried to understand what made one so good and the other not and here is my opinion on that :

  • The formulas

Freeze only requires to have a high freeze rate/multiplier that multiplies with each other. And you can stack a ton of those just with the passive point/skills point to the point of getting those absurd value you can see in perma freeze build.

Stun on the other hand, require huge single hit damage and huge stun chance. Problem is stun chance value doesn’t scale that well as the gain from passive and skill node either low or located in unvaluable node or node that would required to invest too much point making it detrimental for the hit damage build (at least for rive).

  • The craft

Here the comparison speak for itself.
Freeze rate & multiplier can be crafted on every single piece of gear except boots and belt
Stun chance can only be crafted on your weapon…and that’s all.

I don’t know if freeze should be nerfed considering what you can do with it, but I do feel that in its current state stun is worthless both in itself or compared to freeze.

To nuance a bit I only tried to make it work with a sentinel build, but maybe a shaman could make this stats works as the chance gains seems to be way higher for the shaman tree & skills. But for the sentinel is seems to be a bad investment to make.

Of course it’s only a piece of opinion and feel free to show me where I am wrong if it is the case.


No, stun has a short period of stun immunity after it, unlike freeze.

True but the prblem was more to stun in the first place.
One other point to add in the formula is that for stun, ennemies stun avoidance is taken into account and bosses maybe have good stun avoidance, whereas for freeze there is no additional ennemy stats besides health and ward making it just regarding this aspect a better cc.

Yeah, they probably need to change how freeze works & buff stun a bit so it’s easier to stun.

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