Refunding a faulty product

I just tried to file on steam for a refund for this product due to not providing access to its service as a live service title. Sadly said request was denied, so I came here to ask if there are ways to process a refund outside of Steam.


agreed. can we formally request the dev team ask steam to accept refunds beyond 2 hours of game time.

i’m at 6 hours and can no longer receive a refund because its past steams 2 hour limit. majority of my time was spent ‘connecting’ because there was no dialogue confirming i was in queue or not.

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Same question - how i can get refund?

Same here, offer refunds at least.

This ^

Ditto to this.

I’m still waiting for the answer…
Have you, dear game creators, somebody in team who can work with topics in “Customer service”?