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Falsely advertised as a single player game, however as it requires an always online connection, this is no way a singleplayer game. Found this tidbit out after the two weeks steam refund time even though I only have an hour played on this awful game. Please get in contact with me about how to get a refund thank you

So being required to have an online Connection makes it an awful game?!?!?!?
You must be really frustrated and you found that out after 2 weeks???
That sounds very strange to me.

It is frustrating. I don’t have internet often, went to play the game since I was playing other single player games in the meantime, finally excited to boot up LE, only to find out I couldn’t play, and according to the developers never well as they fraudulently promised offline mode in their features, which they have since reneged on.

This is not the case. The closest we’ve come to saying this was that we don’t know the future of pure offline mode. I’m sorry you’re having issues playing the game but we are still in development and not all features are available yet.

It is important to check sources and not circulate false rumors.

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False. The kickstarter specifically said offline included. I even have the screenshot of the page, but can’t upload images here.

Sorry I wasn’t clear, we have not stated that pure offline will not be available at launch. We don’t know if it will be available or not. I wasn’t saying that the Kickstarter campaign didn’t say that we planned for an offline mode.

I’d also like to say that I’m not responding to the refund request, simply that we haven’t been operating in bad faith.

If you would like to request a refund outside of the normal refund policy please contact us through our support site here:

On his reddit post he said he already got a steam refund.

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