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Refreshment Skill

About the REFRESHMENT in SMOKE BOMB (Smoke Bomb Skill), it notes that “The initial burst consumes all Shadows inside the smoke to grant you and allies mana per Shadow consumed this way”, however I dont see any mana recovery when I use Smoke Bomb? Anyone know how it work?

Thanks for your reading and help.

I tested it like this:
Bladedancer using Synchronized Strike to create 2 shadows next to you.
Smoke Bomb speccing into Generosity for additional starting area and Refreshment.
When you cast Smoke Bomb normally it costs 21 Mana. When you cast Smoke Bomb after casting Synchronized Strike while 2 shadows are standing close to you and inside the Smoke Bomb area you can see that the mana cost for Smoke Bomb gets technically reduced to 1 Mana. So it works as intented. The question is, if its usefull.

Welcome to the forum btw.

Probably not since you could use the shadows for something like Shadow Cascade.

Yep, i think Rogue in general offers good mana sustain interactions already.

Thank you very much for your reply, I thought it will work like “I use Smoke Bomb first, and all shadow inside smoke will be consumed to restore mana”, if it just reduce mana cost of Smoke Bomb, it is useless.

Thank guys, I will try other build, it fun to test this game.

The “initial burst” is basically an “on cast” mechanic & IMO there’s more useful things to do with shadows.

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