Reforging Unique Items

Hello, I don’t speak English. I hope Google Translate will help get the point across.
I think it would be great to be able to reforge unique items to be able to increase legendary potential (LP) (while maintaining all other characteristics, just improve LP).
For example: the first attempt is 100k gold, the second is 200k gold, the third is 300k gold and so on. Chance to get from 0LP → 1LP = 40%, chance to get from 1LP → 2LP = 30%, from 2LP → 3LP = 20%, from 3LP → 4LP = 10%. And with a 10% chance to block a further increase in LP or destroy a unique item.
Possible advantages:

  1. Withdrawal of gold from the player
  2. Benefit from unique items that all players throw away or don’t even pick up
  3. For the guilds “MG” - fewer pages with clearly useless items for 99% of players for 0 gold, for “CoF” - the sale of gold (as I understand in this guild, gold is not spent in any way) and the opportunity to purposefully obtain the desired unique item, with high LP.
    Possible disadvantages:
  4. The entire “MG” auction may break down (if you don’t think through all the little things)
  5. Getting dressed can become too fast.
    What is this for:
  6. There is nowhere to put gold and because of this there is very high inflation at the auction (I think even a 20% commission will not solve the problem of the MG guild), and in the CoF guild now gold is simply not needed.
  7. We simply throw away a lot of unique items, or rather don’t even pick them up.
    P.S. All figures were approximate. Such a system requires a lot of elaboration of all the nuances.