Reflect build (in progress, need help)

english in not my first language, so there is a lot of mistakes :slight_smile:

I have spend some time looking on some uniques\set items, and there is few items, that prompted the thought about reflected build.
for example
Thorn Slinger
Valdyr’s Chalice
Tongue of the Aberrant Seer x2
and body\shield with % reflect and flat reflected dmg

and there is few skills that can reflect dmg - Manifest armour that reflect 40% of dmg, and flat 1 dmg reflect per 1 attunement + node for +200% of body armour stat from character (its possible to get something like 45-54% of armour reflet, and 150-200 flat reflect) If I understand correct its mean that manifest armour would get 40%+45% (from char body) and +90% from node( for +200%)+150+300 flat
180% dmg+450 flat dmg from only node+body armour
also there is node for manifest armour - equip shield its something like 35-42% reflect, and 117-152 flat reflect (if both t6, which is pretty rare, but in theory can be)
so then its already 215%+570 flat dmg reflect. for only manifest armour skill

Then we have Ring of Shields skill, with node for 10% reflect shields dmg.
and some idols (1x3) x4.

my planner

Main reason was to create build, that can farm content with many mobs, like arena(or maps maybe), with semi-afk gameplay, with using 1-2 buttons, or keyboard macros for autocasting, idk. With many HP, Regen, and Armour(or even with Bastion for survivabilities). in paper it looks cool and interesting, but I dont think its possible to make reflected build with only this items and skills, what do you think? maybe you have some advice with items, skills, stats etc.?
I trying to make something like this, but only completed ACTs with new forge-guard char, maybe you have high lvl forge char, which you don’t play, and can check my planner and try it?

UPD: also I think that Armour is bad stat for reflect build, because logic to take high dmg, and reflect high dmg back to enemy. so maybe I should get only lot of HP and regen, and dont try to get more then 2k armour? and get some hp on block, or regen mod then?

Afaik the only reflect build that currently works is the Primalist Spriggan build because it can be scaled. Builds using Spriggan Form skill - Last Epoch Builds

All “normal” reflect UNLIKE (the MA node & the thornshell scaling with Attunement) is unaffected by any other scaling or modifiers to damage so eventually the build is likely to end up being tanky but doing zDPS or dying all the time because you cannot sustain the hits needed to do decent damage.

Maybe I am wrong, but I dont recall anyone successfully doing a reflect build other than the variation on Spriggan Thorn Shield above.

FIXED - unlike

No reflect damage is affected by any scaling or modifiers to damage with the exception of the Thornshell shield allowing Attunement to give a % modifier to flat reflected damage.

There used to be minion reflect builds (mostly Necro I think) that relied on getting as much % minion reflect damage as possible since minions don’t get any resists/armour by default so they can reflect a much higher % of the incoming damage than a player.

On the positive side, reflect damage also ignores/bypasses all forms of damage mitigation except for more/less damage taken & boss adaptive mitigation.

Meant to say “unlike” in my post. FIXED

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