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Reflect/Bleed Build

This is my first build post and I am looking for feed back since I don’t play crazy hours a day but have about 300+ hours in the game (lol) The build I am currently working on is a mainly a forge guard reflect build that dips into bleed as a secondary source of damage.

The key items for the build to work are Thornshell - Unique Meruna Shell - Shield - Last Epoch Item Database, Valdyr's Chalice - Unique Silver Grail - Relic - Last Epoch Item Database, Thorn Slinger - Unique Leather Belt - Belt - Last Epoch Item Database.

With this as the base the build then picks up Counter Attack and Thornmail while shoring up resistances and stacking as much attunement, vitality and strength in that order. With decent rolls on attunement the build can get well over 60 increasing on hit damage to well over 3k per hit not including the 3x damage reflected. Adding in a lucky shrine can increase that 6x. Since I am focusing on survival I am using Vengeance, Ring of Shields, Shield Rush, Bash, Rebuke and Leech/Block . However, this can easily be converted into minions or boom build with Smelter’s wrath.

I am currently working on this build as I find it really living up to the super tank theme. While it does lack the burst of most builds the bleed stacks pretty fast with Counter Attack and thorns procing on hit. I might be wrong but I have proc’ed bleed with just having enemies hit me.

In the end I have not seen a build based on this topic and wanted to get the thought of other forge guard players.
Build Planner link Forge Guard, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.5c) - Last Epoch Build Planner

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