Refine a void knight lightning smite build

So I have been toying with the idea since I read the changes to bastion of honor. Looking to use the new vitality pump to cover 2 resistances as well as push it as high as I can for smite damage thru the void knights ability to make vitality its core stat. I’m worried about survivability on it right now. But I think dual wielding Aurelis could be a fun aspect to max smites per swing. I know the 2nd sword provides no extra change to throw a smite per multistrike BUT i think the lightning piercing per sword does. Any help would be appreciated as im comming back from a long break and dont know much about the VK tree.

Hi there and welcome to the forum.
3 things I noticed straight away
-Hybrid health on belt, boots and gloves is better than increased or flat life. Ideally you want hybrid and increased life.

  • You are going split type void/lightning. I can only advise you against that.
  • In you smite tree you take all the node related electrify and also the crit ones. Once again I would advise going either hit/crit or dot.
    Hope it helps :heart:
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As for your skills I would unspecced javelin and use anomaly and volatile reversal

I was going to write something about your passives but I ve ended up just changing a bit your planner.

Easier that way.
I changed some affixes on your gear too.
Endurance threshold is not a very good one. Since endurance threshold scale of your max hp too, in 99% of the case your are better taking more life.

Thank you, I was under the impression that I could get Smite to scale strictly into lightning, but scale off Vitality instead of split damage.

No, the void conversion will override the lightning conversion & even if it didn’t, vitality adds flat void damage that wouldn’t get converted to lightning by Order of Lagon (which only converts fire to lightning).

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Hi there!

Since this topic is close to my question, I figured I would ask it here. The VK passive that changes Smite’s “Base” damage to void, how exactly does that work with the Smite passives like “Fissure” and also the Electrify and Lightning Bolt, considering that the “Base” damage is fire, converted to lightning, and also void? I guess I just need to know if ALL damage types for Smite are considered “Void” in the end.?

Thanks for your time.

It doesn’t. Unless they specify, conversions don’t affect procs/sub-skills.

Damage conversions only happen once & the void conversion (passives/gear) overrides the lightning conversion (skill node).

Also, damage conversions happen before % modifiers are applied, unlike in PoE.

Ahh, that explains it perfectly, thank you!