Reduce Damage

Please reduce damage of Spires

Its not normal when i have on 278 corruption 100% resistance and i die in literally two seconds by standing in pool wich spire shoot.

Not only poison one.

Bleed one is perfectly unbalanced too.

I know i have bad gear and not so much defensives but for real its not fun die every second monolith only because i get ik by hit of spire when monsters around on another objectives are semi-hard and able to kill + not do to much dmg in compare with Spire shots/effects.

My build:

And please dont advice me get wards into my build because from what we see from developers steps ward builds will be reworked by next updates. And comments about skill issue or build issue are wrong too, if game will not allow me to play with low hp style against tough enemies and punish me because i dont have health in stats it doesnt allow me improve in other ways its seems it not fun anymore when i "need" on every single class without advantage like in compare with rogue dodge a way how to defend myself or survive


Its not normal when i have on 278 corruption 100% resistance and i die in literally two seconds by standing in pool wich spire shoot.

It is perfectly normal for a 1600 HP character to get wrecked by heavily telegraphed attacks that hit them at 278 corruption. Get more HP and stop standing in the big glowing spire circles.

Skill issue. Nothing to see here.


Dont hit yourself with doors when you will leave. Next.

It doesnt change anything on fact resistance in this game is absolutly uselles not only because wards but because some classes / not acolyte unfortunatly. Have way how to not use them and get rid of this punishment from game like for example rogue and dodge - at least it works with nodes from explosive trap build wich make you almost immortal against everything even without armor.

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Your defenses are bad, and you’re dying because you play badly. You’re doing content your build can’t handle and standing in things you’re supposed to move out of. There’s no problem with the game here, you’re just bad at it.

Dying to a Spire is like taking a shot at a fish in a barrel and missing. I’d be embarrassed to admit I did it even once, let alone repeatedly.


I told you, dont hit yourself with doors when you will leave.
I dont care about your opinion about its skill issue.
I have 100% resist and 1716 hp…little bit math here:

100% of X value - dmg what we dont know
1 sec - Half of HP wich is 858

If resist works and i 100% of that dmg blocked it deals me full health or more dmg per second but because my resists i survived 1 sec.
Wich means dmg of spire per second is equal 1716 hp and more…

If I will build health it will not help.

( edit ok cap is 75% …that means it will be little bit less - 1287 hp or more = 75% - per second from stand in pool)
+i dont need to say from whole damage you can minus a value of armor because it block damage from non physical plus shield block and chance for block…real value of that dmg will be in 10 thousands anyway burn out of what i think it make …that means its IK anyway for anyone with similar build and i will not be only one i guess.

People who play wards until now can start laugh from this dmg and go cry because in next update they will have same problem as me

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I know spires can be a pain sometimes but it is a big slow telegraphed attack and your even playing a minion build…

capped resists is the Bare Minimun and should be expected, besides that you just have 1.7k hp and crit immunity you need another defensive layer or get that HP to decent levels, there’re also idols that reduce dot damage, experimental affixes that use some of your armor mitigation for dot, etc.

there are plenty of other defensive measures, ward is just easier to build around.

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100% crit avoidance 40% block effectivness 23% block chance 610 armor - 18% Stun avoidance 750 Ward retention 228 - endurance treshold over 300 153% posion resist and hit from poison spire is literally poison only that means dmg of that spire is even higher how i said already in ten of thousands

What to build ? In compare with my rogue explosive trap build on 100 corruption (300 corrupt is 3x more but anyway on rogue i have 600 hp) where i get dodge every single time - i never get hit yet + shift immortality when jump …seems acolyte is unplayable and dont have any defensives only health wich doesnt make any sense in a way how you can easy compare dmg taken how i said in prev answer

  • Logic of that dmg is CRAZY … I literally get hit right now on boss of mono by his autoattack and it tooks me only 10% of health …in compare with “auto attack” of SPIRE …wich almost IK me in 1 sec.
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I just wished it didn’t attack you when you’re standing still for a while. You can clear a big part of the map and be on a safe spot but you can’t like, stop for a few second to check an item, forge, get some water or whatever.
The moment you enter an Echo with spires you can’t really take a breath and check drops or anything without annoyingly have to keep dodging all the time.

It should only attack you while you’re fighting.


Its a next problem of monos with that i agree too… Its like film Crank…its annoying.

pretty much this, your character is all over the place, you gotta focus on what defensive you going to build around, since ward is not an option I would say go for endurance and/or get good amounts of armor + conversion to dot mitigation.


Ok by little math it will reduce that dmg wich is for 100% higher than 5k in 2 seconds to half with endurance and armor take only 12% of that value…no reason to do that even if i will boost myself with health and armor and endurance higher than 3x 20% (60% is cap) of what i have now it will not help.

Still 0 solution

Wich leads me to question if there is anyone without ward build on 500+ corruptions or higher.,…because i think there is no one like that or that player sold his soul in pain ( i do not count paladin builds made for tank).

Btw i made it on 315 corruption right now trough hell of spire monos and Orobyss boss was less painfull to my health bar than spire dmg in 1 sec

This game is different than POE where things don’t scale nearly as high (or rather, nearly as drastically) in numbers.

The main mod you have to worry for monsters is a flat % damage multiplier that gets higher as corruption goes up.
Other games have too many weird mods and combinations of mods that can make enemies nearly unkillable or make them 1-shot pretty easy if you let them hit you once.
That leads to those games beings much more about “killing everything before they even get on screen” or “killing before their AIs can even turn to face you, let lone attack you”.

This game on the other hand has scaling much more predictable and nothing goes too crazy (except some outlier builds) and damage comes a lot from passives and traits and not just flat ou equips. One SINGLE good Flat Damage mod can be enough for your build to reach 200 corruption if it scales with the rest of your non-item build.

Since you can always fight longer fights because the game doesn’t have random OP regen or enrage timers scaling defenses is MUCH more important than damage. Getting Crit Immunity is easily doable with 2 mods or 1 mod and a blessing, All resist mods exist on shields, blessings, uniques, etc.
You can stack strength and armor on your items and then get pretty tanky.
Endurance is one mod that is actually somewhat painful to get over other affixes like life, but it’s always better to trade damage to survivability.

You can get to 500+ Monos without ward, it won’t be easy and you will have as fast of a clear, but you definitely can. It’s usually more efficient to lower it a bit though.

I do believe ward is broken due to item interactions not being balanced and I think Spires are really annoying (not powerful, just annoying because they CAN kill you just for standing around 10 seconds).

Unsure if they will fix/change it, but what I can recommend is focusing on getting Crit Immunity first, then all resists capped (75% only, more than that is wasteful), then as much of health, armor and endurance you can fit.
As long as you can 1 or 2 shot mobs on monoliths you’re fine. Scale back the damage, try not to die.

Still not answer on my calculation and 0 solution how to make those spire attack not IK me in 2 seconds

Because even if i will do reduce of any other defensive and use nodes for that wich is most likely for wards in acolyte passive tree ( its why is warlock to much OP with ward build) you will die in second or two anyway.

I’m sorry, I can’t answer to your calculations because honestly I did not quite understand the way you phrased it. Could you elaborate it more?

I see you mentioning 100% resist, but resists cap at 75% AND enemies at lv 75 and up penetrate those, which means that in the end if you have 75% resist you actually end up taking 100% damage (which is the minimum you can take).

Poison damage IS actually a bit overtuned at the moment but usually poison spires kill because you can’t stand too long in them. 2 seconds on them is enough to kill you, so even if you get shot by it you might just die to poison/damage over time.
Normally armor doesn’t apply to damage over time, but then again you have almost no armor (you mention 610 armor, that is nothing).
Get more flat health so your endurance is more useful. Endurance % is ALSO capped, so if you have too much of that get endurance threshold instead or more health.
Block is decent but hardly a great defense mechanism on it’s own.

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Use brain and imagine how much dmg that spire do.
Use brain and try to tell me wich builds of class from acolyte tree can get trough 500+ corruption ( answer is only wardlock or wardlich or wardwraith) - BCS Whole passive tree is builded on minion stats or wards or leech - wich will not help me anyway and its good only with connection with wards.
Use brain and tell me how can i get not IK from SPIRE wich deal in 5k up to ten thousands of dmg minimaly wich we dont know exactly value but it must be higher than that only because math.

Dude, don’t insult me telling me to “use brain”
I can’t “use brain” because you because you’re not using proper English for me to understand what is your issue.
I was just trying to help but I guess I’ll leave this thread lol


You came here and answer nothing. The real problem have 0 solution anyway. Its why i made this thread…not for explaining “why” to everyone who is not able to read what i already argue with others.

You have yet to meet the Wngari Spires it seems, which are the worst of the bunch. And yes, I would like them to be tuned down as well. But I doubt EHG will do it.

My advice would be:

  • Always check the echoe’s objective.
  • If there are dangerous spires rush to them and avoid to stand still (avoid amassing too many and too big mobs around you though, because you won’t be able to see the spire’s pool)
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