"Red Screen" of Death

Hi, I entered Imperial Welryn from Welryn Outskirts, took 2 - 3 steps and used Town Portal to End of Time and was greeted with the image linked below :-/


Sorry about that! I haven’t seen this issue before so we’ll need more information. Is this the first time you’ve played through to that point of the game? First time this patch?

Your system information and graphics settings would be helpful, and ideally a log file if you can repeat the problem.

hi, no worries.

No, I’ve completed the story line on two other characters. but this is the first time I’ve got to this point on this patch.

Sorry, Computer n00b, I coldnt loate the system information.

Or a .inifile but I did find a notepad called confirugation settings, would that be helpful?

Find the log file, how / where do you want to put this information?



Regarding the system information: can you please confirm that you clicked on the relevant link (e.g. the DxDiag article for Windows) and followed the step-by-step guide? If you’re getting stuck at a particular part, could you please let us know where?

The .ini file should be called le_graphicsmanager and located in the same place as the log file. You may need to set Windows to show hidden files and folders to find them.

You should be able to attach the files to a forum post using the Upload button;

Yep I followed the instructions got stuck at Step 2 find the Run Command file name… don’t have one so…

Here is the graphics one, cannot attach the other as its too big…

le_graphicsmanager.ini (2.4 KB)

(I recommend using a free cloud storage service like Dropbox to share files that are too big to upload here.)

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