Red Rings of Atlaria builds?


I just got two Red Rings and honestly I was wondering which builds could make good use of them. I tried looking for builds online, but just found a Falconer build which honestly isnt my cup of tea.

I was just wondering if someone has some builds to share making use of these rings or some orientation at least. Currently looking for some Sentinel build since it is the only class I have not tried yet, but actually looking for anything, since as I said, havent found much online and yeah, I am not too expert in the game in order to theorycraft or something like that.

Thanks in advance!

They are good as generic rings (except for Throwing or heavy Block-reliant builds)

If you’re looking into getting the DR on them, you’ll want a build that invests heavily in attributes.

For Sentinel, I would suggest a melee self-heal Paladin. Stack Strength & Attunement where you can, Vitality after that and if you’re still short, Cleaver Solution will give you the Intelligence you need to cap, I believe. If you manage to Seal a T1 lowlife(health->ward) affix on Gloves, Healing Hands will grant you tons of Ward through Attunement and the Int will give you the needed Ward Retention. Then scale up further with Str/Att for damage.

This item is not build specific in the slightest.

Some Masteries have a much harder time than others getting to 180 attributes though.

I think Sentinel(all Masteries) and Lich have the easiest time getting the attribute requirement without requiring perfect gear. Lich has access to a shitton of attributes in the Passive Tree and Sentinel has the same +Class specific Vitality Idols.

In a fully optimized setup all classes can use them, especially when you want to use two of them, because the ring itself already gives 20-25 attributes each. Passive Tree and Idols just help tremendously reaching the 180 attributes. Also if you are using a 2H Melee Weapon another h5 to all Attributes suffix can help a lot.

At the end of the day you can fit them into any build, but if your builds doesn’t need the mana reg or resistances it is not really worth it until you really can reach the 180 threshold.