Red Ring of Atlaria

I’ve tried for around 15h now to get enough stats for this Rings Passive and gosh, 180 Stats is such an Overkill for 10% DMG reduce imo, If you could Bring this down to Like 160/140 it would still be hard to make viable but at least possible without taxing down your dps into the Trash Tier.
Legendary potencial / sealing affix is a good way to somehow make it to the 180 ig but feels so wasted to build your entire equipment around 1 single defensive passive on 1 Item when there are so much better Options in almost every class.

Quite some legendaries have this issue, they are/could be useful but they somewhat lack a bit of rebalance.
Also Sets being kinda Bad since you can’t have legendary potencial in them (which ist kinda a very huge endgame mechanic)
Or i Just never happend to find one yet. Either way, thanks for the game it’s fun but I hope u Guys can make it even better.

This was so difficult to achieve but I just barely pulled it off today.

I want to add a suggestion to grey out the “10% damage reduction” on the ring until you have the 180 stats, then turn it on.

Nice thought and should be easy to make happen since it’s only around 3-4 lines of Code (at least in my head) + gz, I hope this Stat crunching wont bite you in the ass - in terms of dps - on hard Content (empowered Monolith high Dungeon Tiers etc)

Most of the stats you get scale your things. For example, intelligence makes my spells do more damage since they scale off intelligence. Most of the time you are picking up attributes, it isn’t hurting your damage.

I know, attunement and Str for my druid is okay and needed to some degree but at some point they lose their value compared to other stats (crit Chance/crit multilpier for example) thats why I made this suggestion. Makes the passive obtainable a little easier while you can still focus on other stuff
I just think 180 is a bit too much. 20-40 less needed Points would mean 1-2 Item with t6-7 sealed affixes more to work with on different Stats.
Also would open up the ring for more builds that dont want to use ward protection.

They could lower it a bit but I think they only work well for a few builds as a lot of the stats are wasted.

These work amazingly well for a Shatter Strike Spellblade as literally every stat works in their favor. Dex is Melee Cold Damage, Intel is %Inc Damage, Attunement gives mana, Str gives armor and Vit gives life & Resists.

If you are playing life based Spellblade then health regen is good, mana regen is good, the dodge rating kinda sucks but with a high dex build you do get some dodge so its not completly unused.

It’d be much easier for strength classes using a Cleaver Solution (Int=Str).