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Recommended video recording apps for Windows that are free

Well, pretty much the title. I was hoping some of the Build Guide folks (or really anyone with familiarity of making videos) could recommend a good, free video capture app. Either with built in editing, or, separately, a good, free video editing app. I anticipate the answer will be “the good ones ain’t free” but, I figure I should ask first. :slight_smile:

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) seems like the most obvious answer here. It’s free, open source, and has a thriving community around it with a lot of support and how-to video’s.

Outside of that, NVidia’s own Geforce Overlay allows you to record videogames, and OpenShot Video Editor is an open-source video editor. Though, I’m sure there’s plenty more out there as well.

OBS is ofc larger beast and really useful if you want to record both game video, your voiceovers, capture different apps etc.

Just for capture gameplay, gpu built-in tools (nvidia geforce experience or amd relive) are doing just fine. They do record at hefty bitrate though, so you may want to re-encode videos before uploading somewhere.
I’d recommend OpenShot video editor (opensource/free), it’s available for multiple platforms and allow to most common tools for video editing (joining, cuting, effects, merging multiple clips, add on audio etc). It has many useful guides for beginners and should cover pretty much anything for common use.

If you’re NVIDIA you have geforce experience that can record or capture the last 20 minutes of gameplay. Other than that OBS is great too and free.

Adobe premiere is great for editting but yes, costs. Older versions were just a one off cost compared to the subscriptions now.

I was unable to get OBS to work (only recorded a black screen, no way to record gameplay).
I’ll try GeForce EXP.

I got Geforce EXP to record.
Now I’m trying OpenShot video editor, but it seems to take FOREVER to save my final edited video to an MP4 (literally over an hour). Is that normal?

Yes that is normal, that process is called rendering.

This is the step that is very taxing on your cpu and a great cpu can deal much more easily with it. (but even on very powerful cpu’s it still takes quite some time)