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Rebuke skill tree ideas

Hello everyone !

Just wanted to share some Rebuke nodes idea ! :wink:

  • X% chance to retaliate with a circular attack when hit during channeling
  • X% damage dealt in an AoE at the end of channeling equals to X% of the damage mitigated during channeling.
  • For each hit you took during channeling, increases your damage by X% for X sec after channeling
  • While channeling, you reflect X% of the damage you mitigate to the attacker
  • Increase by X sec the maximum channeling time. Every X sec, triggers the final AoE of the skill.
  • Rebuke doesn’t reduce the damage taken anymore. Deals 100% more damage and 100% increased AoE size

One thing I want to add. It appears that dodge and maybe block negatively impacts the rebuke damage you deal. I would hope that the Rebuke damage is based on all damage you have taken, including mitigated damage.

I might want to add another several Rebuke skill node ideas, and keep this thread alive a bit longer.

  • Allow you to move while channeling Rebuke.

  • Rebuke now becomes a single target “name lock” skill. Direct the damage from all sources to one target, maybe with increased damage bonus.

  • Rebuke becomes a Throwing Attack where you release the damage stored while channeling in a wave directed toward the location of your cursor. (Limited range)

  • Rebuke becomes a Throwing Attack where you lob the damage stored while channeling
    into the air overhead landing at the location of your cursor either as a giant explosion or a rain of projectiles (This would be a node that could be selected after the one above) (Unlimited Range)

  • Rebuke pulls enemies to you while channeling. Knocks them back after release of stored damage.

  • Rebuke grants increased attack speed and move speed (and maybe damage, too) for 4 seconds after release of stored damage from channeling for each hit incurred. (Lose damage mitigation for selecting this node)

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