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Rebuke Skill - Sentinel Bug

I am not entirely sure what causes this. My guess is that I am getting stunned while either channeling Rebuke, or releasing Rebuke’s stored damage. What happens afterward is that I cannot use any skills or attack. I believe exiting the zone resets it if you have a teleport previously set up, but nothing else resolves the issue in the instance it occurred. I have tried switching skills on my skill bar to no avail. It happens frequently enough in the Arena that it makes it an unusable skill, as you will either need to leave the arena or die, which will reset your progress, when this issue occurs.

Moving to Bug Reports.

Sorry. Mistakenly posted outside the bug reports. I thought I was right section when posting.

Anyway, I have to revise how this bug occurs. It isn’t due to being stunned. I can easily recreate it, but still not sure what specifically is doing it. I believe it is occurring when multiple skill inputs are being used at once. For example my character has Juggernaut Stance, Rebuke, Vengeance, Lunge, and Shield Rush allocated on the skill bar. If I spam the attack skill keys while Rebuke is channeling, I have a chance to make my character unable to use anything else other than toggle Juggernaut Stance if the bug occurs.

If this happens again, could you please attach your log file to a forum post?

I am pretty sure whatever the cause was fixed in either the or patch. Went 130+ waves in arena with the skill setup I said I was experiencing the bug with, and I have not had the issue reoccur, yet.

Thanks for posting an update!

@Trasochi had implemented a potential fix, but I wasn’t sure if it would help.

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