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Rebuke / Inner focus needs a buff

Consider increasing the mana gained because on a full skill effect with 10+ mobs hitting me, i barely get enough mana back to cast my main skill 2 times.
Thank you!
Good day!

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Dont think I have ever used Rebuke to get mana back… more for emergency DR… I honestly dont think its intended for mana regeneration primarily… Its most definitely not intended to be used like the Mage Focus skill which regens mana as its primary function.

Dont know your build but have you considered Volatile Reversal - I know lots of sentinel builds use it specifically to quickly get back large chunks of mana.


have you considered a mana generating skill instead (direct skill on hit/or via the passives)?

But i can definitely understand where OP is coming from, if those nodes are there, they should be worth taking (if build around). Maybe some baseline buff to the nodes, or a way to scale it would be really good. Getting only 2 mana when hit is very questionable imo.

I made a good interaction with my sentinell reflection damage. Sometime Im literally immortal.

In my opinion, this nodes are goods in beginning of the build. But I understand your point, because sentinel have other ways to get mana back

Sure… mana management is tricky no matter how you eventually get it to work for your specific build…

Generally tho, I seldom have mana issues with Sentinel builds - even the VK spell builds - the “tricks” provided to Sentinel work pretty well for getting mana back and the mana earning from the on hit passives seem to work just well enough from my experience…

I suppose its a question of making it just difficult enough to prevent spamming high mana nuke / defensive skills… Honestly, for Sentinel specifically, I think there are enough ways to make it work that its fine…

Now for some other builds/classes mana management can get really messy/frustrating.

I am currently playing a crit javelin build > lunge in and 1 shoot everything, judgement holy aura and rebuke as my defensive buttons since the build is pretty squishy but the dmg numbers are solid.
I also understand mana regen is viable but if i can get mana back from a 2 point passive and focusing on more dmg/defensive on the belt yeah… and remember that it takes 4 seconds(with passives) to fully charge rebuke, you should be compensated for the investment and time spent imo.
Good day!

Honestly, I dont feel short changed by the Rebuke skill mana regen - but thats probably a perspective issue… Whenever I have used Rebuke the mana component is simply a “nice to have” but not its primary role…

Other than Rebuke, your build is entirely made of mana spenders so its probably gonna struggle with mana management in some way… and I dont even know how you have spec’d some of the bigger mana spenders beyond the default or if you are using any -mana nodes/affixes to compensate…

Perhaps the way you have setup your build is making mana management unpleasant/frustrating and you are viewing Rebukes nodes as a failure to “fix” the issue when I dont think Rebuke was intended to be used that way…

All feedback is good - in this instance I dont agree with you because I believe that there are lots of alternatives for mana management in Sentinel AND I consider this aspect of designing a build to be part and parcel of the fun of playing the game - if I make a build that works really well but struggles with mana in certain situations, then I assume the issue is my build and dont think a skill needs fixing… I try and find another way…

Not using rebuke just for mana:) yeah the build is mana hungry but not that much, thing is that javelin tracking is really bad and i am using the 50%dmg -25% ias node so if i miss my shot you know it does get mana hungry and since i am using rebuke pretty often since i am glasscannon i think raising the mana gain wouldn’t be much of a issue.
ps: not trying to make this about me or my build lol just saying that it feels bad to have a bunch of mobs hitting you and you barely get enough back for 2 jav hits:)

Sure… no problem really. I have made countless attempts to try out new builds only to realise that it simply doesnt work because I messed up on the mana management or I went whole hog dps and forgot about some other layer/aspect in my eagerness to use a specific unique or skill node… Happens often… I consider it as part of the fun of arpgs (theorycrafting) but I do know that others dont share my enthusiasm for making endless builds that dont work… :wink:

Regarding Javelin specifically… I recently spec’d into the electrify javelin build that converts bleed to electrify (i.e. you use things like bleed axes) and it works like a beast, BUT i realised that if I spammed away at Javelin, even with the -mana throwing affixes and all the reduced mana nodes in Javelin I would still run out of mana if I didnt pace myself… Was really frustrating… cause it made for a slower playstyle - which worked, but its not as fun… Then I found some Mountain boots with additional - mana and all of a sudden the entire build worked like a charm even with the boots needing you to stand still for the bonusess… but I realised hell, you stand still to spam javelin anyway… so hey presto…

Point i am trying to make is that there are ways and means to try and get it to work…

and yes, Rebuke could have slightly more mana regen considering how its used etc, but what I love is that there are always other ways to see if you can make something work before assigning it to the bin…

I agree with OP on this matter. If there are branches on a skilltree they should “do” something. Else what is the purpose of these nodes? Rebuke is a really old skill and I don’t like it very much. It’s a great situational defense boost. But its role is just to be put on the bar for specific situations like a bossfight where you have to dodge a big nuke. But it rarely is a skill you really build in. At least that’s my opinion.

I hope this skill gets an overhaul at some point to fit in some builds. Maybe some skill interactions. No idea. But in its current state I never ever use it.