Rebuke - duration on "after channelling" incorrect

Brave The Elements tooltip says it lasts 5 seconds after channelling. A stopwatch vs. char sheet shows its actually more like 2 seconds (from end of channelling)

We’ve made some changes to Rebuke, can you confirm if this is still the case? Thanks!

Rebuke nodes were not working before and are still not working after today’s patch.
A number of issues are present.

  1. Brave the elements says it gives +500 elemental protection while channeling. When you channel with the character sheet open you can clearly see that it is not giving near that amount at 3 points (which should be +300) it is giving only +100.
  2. The rebuke buffs for augmented plating and brave the elements still do not persist after the channeling ends even with the protective legacy and solemn vow nodes maxed. It should give a 4 second buff after channeling; instead, the buff ends immediately after you stop channeling.
  3. I am not sure if burst of speed is working or not, I assume it is not working based on #2. So please check that one as well.

Thanks, those will be fixed next patch.

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