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Rebuke - Armor Polish

The skill inside Rebuke named “Armor Polish”.

  • You have xx% increased armor after channeling"

After channeling, my armor goes back to my base armor.

Same thing happens with the elemental node and the movement speed node never procs because it only happens ‘after’ the channel.

none of the buffs for Rebuke are working properly

Yeah, this is true as well, neither are working.
I feel like the movement speed one may or may not work, can’t tell for sure, it kind of seems like I get a short speed boost after channeling, but perhaps not… Hard to tell.


It’s tough to pinpoint because it seems to come and go - right now my buffs are working but they only last 3 seconds instead of 5. I’ve reset my Rebuke 4 times trying to figure out what’s causing it but the duration has gone from 0 to 3 without changing anything.

Something funky going on.

Absolutely something funky going on, been testing it.
It’s bugging the stat improvements on the character screen. I feel as if it’s working but the bonuses are not “showing at all” perhaps. Can’t say for sure.

There were some changes to Rebuke in 0.7.0d, can you confirm if this is still happening? Thanks

Hi Hackaloken,
I feel like the change introduced more issues with the Augmented Plating node. Here are some calculations :
Total base flat armour from gear - 236
Increases from strength and passives - 207%
Total armour so far = 236 * (1 + 2.07) = 725 (this is correct, shown on the character sheet)
Increases from Rebuke - 90% (3 points in armour node)
So my expectation is the calculation is now 236 * (1 + 2.07 + 0.90) = 937
What I get instead though is 784 armour which I don’t even know how we get to apart from it being a 59 flat armour increase.

Am I missing something in how things work or can you shed some light on what is happening?


Just added 1 extra point to Brave the Elements just now (bringing to a total of 2) and it seems I’m still getting only the 1 point bonus (+100 elemental protection) so something is definitely still not applying correctly (or the character sheet is inaccurate?)
Also logged in and out a couple of times, issue still persists.

It seemed to have been working after the D Patch, but now it is bugged again.
No bonus stats are remaining after channeling

Before Rebuke:

During Rebuke:

After Rebuke:

Since the skills have changed, I do not use Armor Polish, but I do use the “Brave The Elements” (3 Points), and as you can see there is no “persisting” after rebuke. While having the obvious “Protective Legacy” Passive.
Unless there is something I am missing, doubtful though. O.o

Thanks for the reply, and concern about it! :smiley:

These issues should be fixed next patch. Thanks!

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Well it seems to be working again this morning… For a huge extended amount of time… 10+ seconds after channeling… Perhaps even 15+ seconds.
It’s just very buggy.

Looking forward to it being fixed & looked into. :slight_smile:

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