Reaper form no health drain

I would love for there to be a way to have reaper form have no health drain in return for not healing on death and possibly less effective reap if reap is to strong. I want to use it for my spirit build but I just dont see a way to use it without using reap due to the health drain could just have a node branching right off of reapers curse as the tree itself has enough neutral buffs for those who aren’t using reap.

You don’t need to use reap for sustain in Reaper Form.

Health leech will also keep you in Reaper Form.
It’s still not permanent and the Health Decay will eventually become to big, but you can usually run 1-2 echoes on a decent build with Reaper Form active.

Lich has unconditional global leech: 1% + another 5% + 25% leech effect via mastery bonus + the passive tree.

This will work with DoT and ailments.

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