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Reaper Form Interaction with Volatile Blood

disclaimer: im not arguing that it should work!

So for anyone plotting to use the Volatile Blood passive node which has an effect of reducing health drain effects for extending Reaper Form duration, Reaper Form is not considered a health drain effect so there isn’t an interaction. I’m assuming that this is intentional and the only things that Volatile Blood affects are the Unclosing Wounds, Mind Over Body, Elixir of Death, Blood Pact and Crimson Gluttony (the last 2 are in acolyte). Does anyone know any skills or items that interact with Volatile Blood? It might make for some interesting builds.

There are 3 different mechanics that are similar but don’t interact with each other.

You named all the Acolyte and Lich Passives already, which are considered Health Drain.

Then you have Reaper Form, which is Health Decay

And you have “Health lost” from Uniques like Shroud of Obscurity and alike

All the passives you pointed out only work with each other, but there is nothing outside of that working with them.

that’s a tad depressing, but good to know.

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