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Reap damage is too low?

Hi everyone!

I was planning on build a Lich focused on the Reap skill, but even though the skill tooltip points to something like 80k, my damage doesn’t go past 7k (criticals) when fighting the target dummy. Is this skill bugged or am I building something wrong?

Harvest on the other hand has like 9k DPS tooltip but the normal hits are 11k and criticals for 20k

It really doesn’t make any sense to me. I have Death Seal activated and the Death’s Door node that gives Reap 4% more damage for each percentage of missing health.


Some points to be aware of:

  1. The tooltip is buggy.

  2. Enemies (and thus the dummies?) have damage reduction per area level, up to a maximum of 87%. So on a level 55 dummy, you only deal 41% of your theoretical damage.

  3. Pretty sure I read somewhere that Reap damage scales off the distance you travel. So a max-range Reap deal max damage and hitting enemies right at the start of Reap does minimal damage. I can’t find the source… it was either here on the forums or on Discord. This may need fact-checking, but it would explain why Reap is doing less than you predict.

Thanks for the reply!

I think it’s both the tooltip and the skill itself. I’ve leveled up and tweaked a few talents, the Reap’s tooltip now after triggering Death Seal it’s nearing 100k damage. Harvest is about 10k.

And again, Harvest still wins by a large margin.

Even if the target dummy takes less damage (it doesn’t make sense to me because we deal more damage to dummies than real enemies) it wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) cherry pick which skills it would take full damage from…

I’ve also attempted Reaping the dummy from afar, the damage doesn’t change either.

So the only option left is the incorrect tooltip. Even if it’s incorrect, it’s impossible that Reap would deal less damage than Harvest when I can get 4% more Reap damage for each percentage of health I’m missing. I get 1000 percent increased damage when I activate Death Seal, then 4% More damage for each percent of missing health (i think that Death Seal drops to 30% HP?) which means that I have 280% more damage for Reap. I was expecting damage amounts that rivals the Necromancer’s Abomination, but dealing 9k damage with each critical hit while Harvest can deal 30k+ now it’s such a bad joke that. It’s a useless skill despite having a lot of potential, because even Transplant is a better movement skill than Reap is…

it seems a cool skill to build around, but that unfortunately has no place anywhere in its current state :confused:

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Depends which dummy he’s talking about. If it’s the one at the end of time then that doesn’t get the mob area level DR. The “enemy” dummy at the arena entrance zone might get the DR but I’m not sure the devs have said whether it does or not, though it would be very easy to check with a high level character since it would take significantly less damage than the other dummies.

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