Really need a way to reroll idols affix or get idols easier

It’s way to hard to get specific idols for builds
ex : --> ( 10% chance to cast smite when you hit with throwing attacks ) *4
Would be really nice to have a system to reroll idols affix and suffix or something like that.


This post by Sarno on June 29, 2020 from their Discord server seems somewhat relevant to your post;

Source: Discord

Yeah, my only problem with the current system is that it appears that that particular idol only drops for Paladins (not Forge Guard).

Also, you really don’t need 4, 15-20% chance is fine for a Shield Throw build that wants to keep the attack speed buff from Smite up all the time, even single target.

That depends on the build no? If smite is a significant source of damage, then you may well want to maximise proc chance.

right now the idol system needs some adjustment.
To getting the right idol combination plus to get high rolls need a lot more luck and grind than getting items .
90% of the builds that are posted have near perfect idols, the difference between a good and and a bad rolled idol is very big and is often a big factor of playing a specific build or not.
Am always talking at end game, there is where you see and feel these differences

I think that is something that EHG must look into.

So you’d be going down the caster-route to maximise Smite’s damage but using the idols & a throwing attack to negate the mana cost? That sounds interesting. It’d be nice if Smite could proc ailments outside of it’s own skill tree…

Yeh I have a paladin build like this - uses a wand and the crit caster offhand. Scales crit and attunement/spell/fire damage and uses shield throw as a vehicle for molten burst and smite. Can hit almost 100% spell crit on paladin, even ignoring the smite base crit node. Uses the regain mana on smite cast affix to make shield throw ‘free’, and tries to use manifest armour to enable as many ricochets as possible on single target. Shame manifest armour is so weak and requires re-casting often.

I would push arena beyond 100ish to see how far it goes, but I’ve basically given up for now on last epoch as linux performance is not great. Dying after an hour to FPS isn’t fun.

From memory, you don’t need much in the way of throwing attack cost reduction to make Shield Throw free. It’s an interesting idea, if Smite could benefit from ailment proc chance outside of it’s own tree, it could be quite an interesting build going full spell damage but using Shield Throw. You could also get a lot of ignites from it & the Eruption node with a few uniques.

I don’t know i use hammer throw to proc smite and i have a lightning build , does this idol really only drop in paladin ? i’m doing a forge guard build

I’ve only ever found ~5 or 6 & all of them on my Paladin. It’s not exactly a big sample size though.

There aren’t any Idols that only drop while playing a certain mastery.

As for the original topic, we aren’t planning any changes to Idols right now but that doesn’t mean we won’t make changes. We welcome feedback on the system, like any other system.

If that’s the case, and given that has the keen prefix as “common”, why have I only ever seen them drop on a Paladin (with a small sample size), bearing in mind that I’ve played the Forge Guard & Void Knight significantly more.

I have a lot of idols the toons I play can’t even use because they are for classes I don’t play (that much). I don’t think there is even a higher chance to get the idols for the class you play and it’s all rngjsuses fault.

Stopped picking up idols ages ago. 99.9999% are irrelevant trash. Not a good mechanic at all.

And , er, not sure what others are seeing, but when I play my Mage (for example), 99% of the idols that drop are either Mage idols, or neutral idols. When I switch to my Acolyte, the idols that drop become 99% Acolyte/neutral.

I have yet to play the Sentinel and I have only seen 2 Sentinel idols (out of hundreds).

I strongly believe that the idol system is in a good place and should remain as it is.
I Like the randomness not every system in the game should be forge able or easy to acquire.

What made diablo 2 great was the endless search for the best items and talismans.


idols are really good , and some build REQUIRE the idols to work so i don’t think your point is valid ghostlight

@Hackaloken’s clarification was to state that

Note that this refers to mastery, not class. Classes do have weighted idol drops.

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