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Realistic release

Hello gamers! When do YOU expect the game to be fully released (I am asking only players because devs answers are never really realistic)?

The devs would not even give you any concrete answer.

The philosophy since the initial postpone of the release is: “Ready when ready”

So the devs don’t know and we as players also don’t know.

Now the question is: “Is it important that the game is officially released”?

Last Epoch at this stage already offers hudnreds, if not thousands of hours content.
It’s more polished than a lot of “already released” titles.

If there is a particular feature, that you are waiting for missing, you should maybe ask, when this possibly is ready.

Depending on what is important to you, you can already get LE and have lots of fun with it.


Some people don’t want to “waste” time on a title they like if it isn’t released or will be released in a timeframe they think is okay waiting for. So yeah for some it’s realy important and totaly unimportant for others.
A friend asks me each week “Is ther MP yet?” and everything holding him back from playing the game is this missing feature. Is MP important thou? You can already spend hundrets and thousands of hours in the game :D.

On topic: no there is no release date and there will be none untill the devs are ready ;). I’d rather wait for a well polished game then getting a mess I need to wait months for untill it’s playable for real :).

Now the question is, what do you consider “time wasted”.

LE will have a cycle/season based model, so if starting from scratch feels like you wasted time, you probably wanna play standard cycle, without any rest.

You can already do this in offline mode. There is no progress lost.

As stated in my previous post. IMO LE is already way mroe polished than a lot of “released” games.

I can understand people being cautious with the games that are considered EA/Beta.
But I jsut want to ensure, that people know, that LE is very much playable, feels polished and has a lot of content.

I announce the game from time to time to the people I play with… that’s at least a community of over 1k players so maybe 50 are intrested at the end of the day but I still say “The game isn’t released and nothing is set in stone IF the game will ever be released.” I’m 99% sure LE will be released and in a good way but I can’t “sell” it like a game that is already released and most people I know don’t want to play it untill it’s released. Mostly due to the fact that there are enough other games they play and they’ll look at it once it’s released because they thing, no matter the offline mode and the chars you keep, that they’ll wait untill it’s done because they don’t want to waste time.
To me it’s not wasted time but I get their point of view. Game isn’t released so everything I do ingame is in vain because at the end of the day noone of said players of the online community I’m in cares about offline modes. On top of that the second most called concern are the Cycle content because some people don’t want to start over again and again or cycles like seasons in D3 or leagues in PoE because they dislike most themes of said seasonal content.

People just tick in different ways and and look at things in a way I don’t but I can understand everyone who hesitate to buy into the game for whatever reason. Fun fact… noone thinks LE will be p2w and that’s something rather intresting from my point of view because normaly you have at least some players who call p2w whatever a game sells in the mtx store :D.

Well whatever I don’t want to derail the disussion more but I think what I said might intrest at least somone. From my point of view I think we’ll see a fall 2022 release if everything gos well with MP but then again that’s just an assumption from my side that might or might not will be the case. We don’t have any informations :man_shrugging:.

And the same is true, when the game is “already released”.
Games like this are meant and designed for a long period of time and they inevitable will evolve and change.

Besides the argument, that people want to wait until MP and/or cycle/seasons are released, everything else I do understand, based on other games EA/Beta, but a lot of those concerns do not really apply to LE

DEspite LE having a EA/Beta status, it’s a remarkable game already and all I want is, that some people try asses the game without any negative stygma.

The distiction between beta and 1.0 is mostly arbitrary. LE is a live service game that isn’t going to change dramatically on release. LE will (hopefully) be recieving regular updates for years to come.


I agree with most, if not all of what people have said in this thread. That being said a will give you a proposed “earliest date”. We are a fair few patches out so it’s comes down to a check list.

MP is looking like a Feb-March release.
We need 3 more masteries likely each with their own patch i suspect thus add 3 months for each. Sprinkled in there will be 2 additional endgames, 3 more chapters, and updates to existing skills.
There is a lot to get through so I’m just going to say another 2 years to 1.0 at least.

All that being said this is a great game as is and I don’t understand waiting for 1.0.

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When you consider what still needs to be added, including mulitplayer, a bit of balancing and improving of already added items and game systems, i personally think it will be mid to end 2022.

Just my opinion.

Somebody asks for an estimated release date guessed by the current players. In response there’s a debate if a release date is important. It may seem odd, but for a bunch of people “release” means something. Its also a milestone for things to be finished, ready and polished. Nobody thinks that there won’t be any further patches and updates. But every project needs milestones that are completed before moving on. And release is the most important.

From the current experience with EHG they are still developing tools to implement features that aren’t in, yet. And they improve things like skills, animations and models regularly. Sometimes I fear they get stuck in an optimisation circle where they set new standards and bring the “old” things to this new standard. Hopefully they will not lose track with this.

I’d guess at least mid 2022 uf things go well.

Not all currently planned 12 chapter are in the scope of 1.0

I think the most time consuming thing will be the rework of existing classes and the implementation of the missing classes as well as the upcoming chapters. Sure endgame modes will take their fair share of time as well but still I’m convinced 2022 will be it. If not I’ll wait longer because I can play the game already whenever I like to :).

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This is also my opinion. I believe MP is likely some time Q1 2022 (probably end of quarter but still, hopefully no later than that…) and from there development will speed up as fewer resources are devoted to MP and can be put back into development elsewhere. After 0.8.4 (next update) there are only about 5-6 items left on the forecast that seem important to add by 1.0, and 0.8.4 is adding 5 items from the forecast alone, so it’s not a terribly crazy idea that they’re 1-2 patches out after the MP patch.

If MP gets delayed beyond Q1 2022 then push out my estimate by however long it takes them to get out MP.

Before Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen :thinking:

Im woth mcfluffin on this one. MP is likely q1/q2 with 1.0 following 2-3 patches behind.

The EHG team has grown massively and there pumping out content faster and better every patch. When 0.9.0 drops getting to 1.0 is going to be the final sprint in the race and will go quite fast. At least this is what my.gut tells me

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Especially considering most of the are pretty big items that come in 3 month development cycles. Earliest I could see is 6 months after MP