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Real Hero - Will you dance with me?

With this sword, I almost feel like a cheater.
The idea here is to make a full minions build.

And now, I’ve got work to do on this one!

Advice on this one… remember that if you are going full Manifest Armour everything must buff the MA first… chose items that benefit the MA before worrying about your own char… Its less so for the Forge Weapons obviously but its still important to concentrate on minion boosts over you own. If you dont do this then the Manifest Armour just becomes a moving decoy that doesnt really do much in terms of damage and the Forge Weapons tend to be less than stellar…

The key is to chose what is doing the damage - you or the minions… and if its you, then what are the minions bringing to the party (ailments/debuffs/decoy?), if its the minions, then buff the hell out of them and kite… :wink:

I learnt this while playing around with Kryces MA Shield Throw build…

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Yes, agreed, very good advice!
The build has changed a bit, it’s more focused towards the minions and especially the Armor.
I’m looking for gloves with crit chance and attack speed, and I’m looking for a Lucerne with the same affixes.
So the build is not good yet, but I have an idea where to go.