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Real hero - Throw that here

This time I cheat/anticipate a little: the campaign is not finished, I just reached Divine Maj’Elka.
But I already see (or imagine?) what the hero can be.
This is a pure throwing Bladedancer. All her skills are Throwing skills, except one movement skill: Shift. She is deathless and the campaign was really easy and smooth. I wanted to create a Throwing hero and see what she could do.
She uses Acid Flask for AoE, Shurikens and Umbral Blades for multi-purpose. Smoke Bomb has just joined to bring a bit of sustain if needed. I strongly hesitated between that and Decoy, I felt the need for none, but I guess Smoke Bomb could be used later to generate Shadows that could throw Umbral Blades also.
I had some legendaries partially useful, so I added them to the build and here we go!

And after visiting Majasa.

@Houlala I heard you, next one will be a Solo hero. No leveling unique, I do with what I find. I saw a guy talking about a menagerie Beastmaster, so that’s what it will be.

Awww, that’s sweet. :slightly_smiling_face:
I like solo chracters. Only issue I have with mine is that they always get great uniques and idols drops completely useless for them and that they can’t transfer.

At the beginning I did not even understand why anyone would want a solo hero. Then, months later, I started leveling some and for a while, all my heroes were solo. Now, it depends. Sometimes standard, sometimes solo.