Real hero - This Is The End

I’ve lost my almost only reader, so better stop here.

Old men are not weaker than youngsters, this one proved it.

The idea was to go full Lightning Blast, if possible without Convergence.
When I arrived at Heoborea, I added Elemental Nova. And when I arrived at Soreth’Ka, I replaced Nova by Meteor, converted to Lightning.

Pro Tip: fighting Lagon with Ligntning Blast without Convergence is not a good idea. I won the fight, but it took very loooooooong.

Overall, the campaign was rather fun with this hero, but I already know I won’t play him further.

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You can end camp with every build, real game starts +100 corruption, I lost like 3-4 builds like this and needed rethink them.

Normal meteor build is actually hard to use, im doing 100% crit meteor now with 900 mana, for now it works, will see in next 30-40h.

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The idea of the series was to showcase “real builds”, just fresh out of the campaign, and therefore not perfect, not level 100, not optimized, etc… but perfectly viable. These builds have survived to Majasa, which is a kind of check.

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Im 100% understand, that everyone have their, builds and they way of playing game. Just saying, for me majasa was too check at first, but all You need vs her is some way of healing plus resistsbce cap on all except necrotic and void. Almost all my builds died on empowered, becuse there You need actually good idea on build. Thanks god this game is not like Poe and You can craft something by playing game.

Exactly the same for me!

Lightning Blast without Convergence is fine. You just need to “buff” it some. I use Ascendance and Static to help with that. Works just fine and I enjoy it. I find Focus clunky so I tend to search for ways around it.

Oh, and it works just fine with way less gear.

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