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Real hero - Taste this!

This little monster has just killed Majasa while she was replenishing, during the second phase.
Before that, she has skipped part of the campaign by exploring the Temporal Sanctum and killing Julra.
I already tried a poison Bladedancer earlier, but she did not perform very well. This times, I focused on chance to poison instead of poison damage, and the result is impressive.

Yup, I took an Umbral Blades Bladedancer (explosions, not bladestorms) through to empowered monos with very bad gear (except weapons which were updated with as much poison chance as I could get).

Chitin Daggers would be better for you since they have more chance to poison implicit than the Bone Daggers have chance to bleed.

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Yes, I remember, you did that a bit before it was released, no? I did not know what kind of build it was, though.
Yes, Chitin daggers are planned, but Iā€™m too low level now.