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Real hero - Feel my Wraith

This was extremely fun to play.
With inspiration from Perry the Pig, I decided to build around Summon Wraith, a skill that I had almost always ignored.
The result is a very fast, powerful and pleasant build. I litteraly ran through the whole campaign, even dying a bit because I was not paying attention. I did the whole campaign with 0 phys res, I only added some a bit before meeting Majasa.
Always mobile and summoning, it’s an active play style. The necro is protected by her minions, but also by ward generated by the Volatile Zombies and by all her minions’ deaths.

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What is the gameplay like? Do you have time to summon zombies, you’re not too busy summoning wraiths all the time?

(My only necro is a 100% minions Volatile Zombies spammer, I wonder how they compare)

I’m mostly summoning Wraiths.
Zombies are summoned automaticaly by Dread Shade, and I summon them manually when I need a boost of ward.

I’m almost permanently running and summoning, it’s very dynamic.
Different from my other necros, where I’m extremely passive (just running and letting minions kill everything).

OK, there’s a problem with the build.
I’ve just done Fall of the Outcasts and I have my blessing. Basically, I was running all the time, summoning Wraiths at theright places. I was not really paying attention to anything. Sometimes, when I felt in danger (just by seeing my life decrease suddenly), I summoned Zombies to get ward. In very big packs, after summoning Wraiths, I added a Dread Shade.
I did the whole timeline like this. I picked almost no loot, I did not have time, I was running and killing.
And it was boring. It seems ridiculous, but the build is so powerful that it gets boring. And in fact, I think I’ll play this char from time to time, but not for long. I will bring her to empowered timelines, but I’ll play other chars meanwhile. Because she’s boring, because she’s powerful.