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Ready to dress for success

Curious as to when the cosmetics store will be available. I am ready to take my look to the next level. Not that some of the default gear appearance is aweful. It is just ok, I am ready to be dressed for success. Have the devs given any indication on when this will be turned on?

Devs want to focus on delivering the core game first.

But I agree. About time to roll out the MTX!!!

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Mox (The CEO and Game Director) stated multiple times that they actively work on MTX and the Cosmetic Store.

But they don’t want to release it with too little choices.
So basicaly go big or go home with enough variety and choices already.

I think the last info we got was, they finishing up the UI for the Store.
So i guess it might not be too long anymore, but we have to see.

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Thank you both for your reply. That all makes sense guess I am just excited to see what they will offer. I am really enjoying the game. They have done an excellent job and I am ready to look incredible kicking some posterior while supporting future development of the game.

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Well, you say dress for success. I would very much like to be able to upgrade my Supporter Pack. And yes, I mean UPGRADE it, not just buy another Package WITHOUT upgrading it.

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100% this, in other games along these same lines I really like the upgrade option. I am hoping the devs implement this.

they will be. it just not done yet.

I hope so. I apprecioate everyone chipping in here. The short answer is I have to be patient.

Sounds like the devs have a solid plan and I just need to give them time to put it into motion.

Imho it would fire back at EHG, if they add additional sources for RMT before release.

While many people wouldn’t mind, there are always some that call this kind of policy “greedy” or a “cash grab”. This comes from bad experiences with other companies in the past where this was the case.

For publicity reasons it is the best way to keep the MTX inaccessible until they finished their base content for 1.0.

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First, to get this out of the way. People don’t usually call mtx sales “RMT”. That’s usually reserved for the sale of items acquired ingame (not mtx) for money. :stuck_out_tongue:

Secondly, I don’t think it’s fair to keep looking from the perspective of those who are concern about a cash grab. And forget that there is another group of players whose enjoyment depends on their character looking good in an ARPG. Further, all of us who have bought the game all have at least some cosmetic points to spend. I’ll also want to see EHG fixing up all the issues with cosmetic rewards that has been released so far (basically pets) so we actually want to start using them.

I think this cash grab reason is at this point just an excuse by anti mtx players to put down developers who use this business model. Did you know I used to caution EHG of being seen as a cash grab? This was when they released alpha supporter packs very soon after their Kickstarter campaign. And the beta packs came one year later (note that at this point, the game was still in a very primitive state).

It’s over 3 years now since Kickstarter and EHG has come a long way since then, and they have now proven themselves to be committed to the development of the game and is able to so. As a long time supporter, I am now comfortable to further support the game and be reasonably sure the devs will be using those resources to make the best game possible. Not only so, with the game in a genuinely playable state, I want to see supporter packs rewards fully implemented and that would include the ability to actually use our cosmetic points. Being able to deck myself out with cool mtx is a huge part of the fun and enjoyment for me, and I think the game is now ready for it.


I think the game will be ready for it, but the game is not even released. I can provide a list of features and functions missing that would make this great ARPG amazing and hopefully sell like hot cakes, but until it reaches a more polished state, I think you’re going to come across as either a whale (someone who has large amounts of cash and is willing to spend it on games) or a troll.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think you are either or those. What I do believe is that the team will be vastly rewarded for their work when the time game is released and in the hands of far more players. The MTX at that point will not feel bad as it does in many, many other games. Adding it now will seem … greedy… even though the EHG team deserves accolades and finances.

I don’t know if you played POE. But do you know POE also has mtx store before release? And that their pre release supporter packs are fully functional once you buy them? I.e pets work well and you can spend points on cosmetic store. This is 8 years ago.

I tried to get into PoE and failed. What I know is that bags is pretty much as must from the get-go, which means MTX. Probably not a big deal for a F2P game. Outside of that I have no idea, but either way, precedent isn’t something a game studio should be overly concerned with. Players, on the other hand, are often conditioned by it.

Depending on the trajectory, either things will be great with MTX here, or bad. I rarely hear about any gray areas.

I actually agree with you on every single point that you have made.

Will have to wait and see what the devs decide. My guess is they will wait as too many view it as a negative when the game is not finish. Which I think is sad. I don’t fault the devs for that I fault companies in the past who have done wrong by their players. The most recent one is Magic: Legends that came had a fully function cash shop in beta. While the game itself wasn’t 5% as polished as LE is now. Releases like that have put a terrible taste in players mouths.

I will add I think LE can change that. It is a risk the devs I am sure have weighed and already have a set plan we just do not know about.