Reach of the grave/profane wand not gambleable on 0.8.2I?

I’ve just made ~150 refreshes in the gambler, both with “profane” written in the filter box and with the box empty to find a profane wand to gamble for reach of the grave, but nothing has appeared. I’m a level 82 necro. According to the lastepochtools db, reach of the grave (and hence profane wand I guess) should be gambleable. Anyone knows what’s up?

EDIT: level 83 → 82

You’re too high level. The base is lvl 6 so if you’re at lvl 82 there are a large number of bases that could be spawned in the gambler.

mm I see. So am I intended to make a new char to gamble for it? Seems a bit awkward :confused:

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The alternative is to have a good chance of low level bases to gamble when you’re at a high level (instead of more bases around your level) which would be more annoying in the long term.

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