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Is it possible to respec your build so you can try a few different ones i.e. some will work better for levelling while others are better for high level end game!


Was wondering this as well.

Yes there is a person in the towns that offers to repsec 1, 5, or 20 of your last spent points for gold (one in the council chambers (first age, main town) ).
They have a purple symbol over their heads and are called Chronomancers

I think he’s talking about the skills and not the passives. Afaik you can’t respec those points because they wanted to discourage swapping between a clearing build and a boss build. But from the more experienced players they say it doesn’t take very long at high level to get those levels back in the arena

Which makes sense in game terms at release, but makes absolutely no sense in a Beta testing phase where surely you want people to test as much as possible? “We want players to test as much as possible buuuuuuuuuuuuut we also want to artificially currency gate those decisions for *reasons” that make no sense especially as we are going to change lots of stuff anyway".

I totally agree, I think re-specing should be 100% free and skill progression also! I think you should be able to level every skill and respec also for free! This will make it better for co-op play in the future…people can respec for each situation. Though this makes things easier in some respects its nice that things are “easy” because personally it forgives people for trying out new builds and if the builds don’t work your time isn’t wasted!

I believe the cost of re-specs should reflect the actual cost of what there going to be when the game releases, otherwise player’s will get accustomed to a re-spec system which will change drastically once the game launches.

It is still beta so things in terms of how re-specs work will most definitely change, but allowing them as free would remove a gold sink from the game.

To be fair, once you get to post game it takes like 15 minutes max to level a skill from 0-20. Sure its an inconvenience early game, but I am fine with there being opportunity cost.

We will be implementing a system to respec skill point in the very near future. You’ll be able to take points out of skill trees which will de-level them that many levels. This will require you to gain more experience to regain those levels back in the skill but will keep you from having to reset the entire skill down to level 0. Keep an eye out for patch notes!


I am a firm believer that respecs should be free in order to sustain a healthy player base. Locking players into the choices they’ve made will (for most) at some point cause regret. If the best way to fix this is to start from scratch, then many players will consider starting from scratch in some other game, rather than playing this one again. Locked down skill trees only cater to a very small crowd of number-crunching players that have put lots of effort into researching their builds beforehand, and that want to be rewarded in knowing that their superiority is exclusive and not easily copied. Trust me, flexibility wins in the long run, and if you still want to please the build tinkerers, why not have a system like Guild Wars had, where copying builds were integral to the game, with authors properly accredited?

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