Ravenous Void - Void Barrier Stacks fall off and never refresh

Repro steps :

1- Equip Ravenous Void
2- Watch Void Barrier Stacks Climb to 3
3- Let the stacks fall off (duration expires)
4-You never gain stacks again until you unequip gloves (and maybe go under endurance threshold)

What I expected to happen :

1- Equip Ravenous Void
2- Watch Void Barrier Stacks Climb to 3
3- The stacks keep refreshing every 5 seconds OR they start climbing back up after falling off (not sure what was intended)

Screenshot while the stacks are up : https://imgur.com/Zp80pKH
Screenshot once they’re gone and never come back. https://imgur.com/lInBQnq

I never fought anything between the two screenshots

Have the same problem… :frowning:

I just found these gloves and I am experiencing the same problem with the 3 stacks falling off and appearing to never come back. However, I noticed when dropping below my endurance threshold, the time rot still affect kicks in even when the void barrier stack indicator is missing. I think there’s just a bug with the stack indicator not showing up but they’re working as intended… I also saw the stack indicator climb to 6 stacks instead of 3. I will try to get a screenshot if I see this again.

Edit: Screenshot with extra (5) stacks. This is after I just logged back in.

I have been having a similar issue where sometimes I see up to 6 stacks visually, and sometimes I see none at all when I should be. Hard to say for sure if this is just a visual bug for the buff icon or not.

This happens because the way the they’ve capped void barrier stacks is a bit of a kludge.

void barrier has a natural stack limit of 6 with a very long duration, but the item is hard coded to give you 3 stacks then stop, and only give you another 3 over time once the endurance threshold doubling then conversion to mimic feast mechanic has run its course

This results in 2 issues:
first, if the stacks expire naturally you don’t get any more unless you trigger the endurance threshold mechanic or unequip and re-equip the item

second, if you enter a new area the item doesn’t remember it’s given you 3 stacks already and just gives you another 3.

Stacks not refreshing and stacks sometimes showing 6 after loading a new map are still an issue. The latter appears to be a display only bug though:
Max hit at 0 stacks: 53
Max hit at 3 stacks: 45
Max hit at 6 stacks: 45

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