Ravenous Void not working as described

Ravenous Void creates a beam at my location for 3 seconds if I kill 5 or more in a single blow. Read the description and it is supposed to create 4 void beams moving in a random direction for 3 seconds.

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Confirming this bug still exists for the Erasing Strike skill. It only creates 1 beam that doesn’t move, which is useless.

Still A bug, very annoying, pls fix

Same issue is happening to me.

Tested with the following:

  • Obliteration 1/5
  • Absorb the Remains 1/3
  • Moments Stolen 1/3
  • Ravenous Void 1/1

First thing I noticed was that the beam didn’t move, even when enemies are nearby. I could not tell if it was one beam, or 4 beams stacked on top of each other though.

Continued to test with each of the following, to see if it was an issue interaction between specializations

  • Void Bringer 1/2
  • Void Bringer 2/2
  • Void Lense 1/2
  • Void Lense 2/2
  • Void Pyre 1/2
  • Void Pyre 2/2

No interaction of the above talents appears to cause the Ravenous Void beams to being moving towards targets.