Ravenous Void not proccing

I have recently chosen this ability, but it does not seem to be triggering with erasing strike. I have had lots of void beam pillars form, at one time so I believe I have been killing 5+ enemies at a time, but the pillars never move. I was looking forward to seeing this happen, as I really would like the beams to move about a bit, but they never have. I have hit enough masses of trash mobs often enough that I’m positive it should have happened, so I think it’s bugged in some way…


Any chance you can record some footage?

I’m really not a power gamer. I would have to learn how to use Fraps or something and figure out how to host the video somewhere. I have checked to make sure I’m generating enough pillars, and I’ve generated as many as seven at one time in an arena node. If it’s working for other people I can generate a dx file and do all that, but I wanted to report this bug to be sure that EHG was aware of it.

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I died to bring you this. The pillars do not move.https://ibb.co/q1rpLLT

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Hi, first time posting here. I have exactly the same problem. Even when i kill 5 or more enemies it doesnt trigger the 4 void beams… Hope you manage to fix that

My friend’s void knight is experiencing a similar or same bug.

With Ravenous Void, it appears that the 4 beams are being summoned on top of each other (which looks like 1 beam) and they are not moving at all.

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