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Ravager Node/Ravaging Aura Tooltip Overlap

When pressing Alt to look at the details for Ravager, the tooltip for Ravaging Aura is placed behind the tooltip for Ravager, therefore half of Ravaging Aura is unreadable. Flipping it so Ravaging Aura’s tooltip is in front of Ravager would solve this issue.

Please see the linked image for reference.

This image is 1680x1050… Is that your screen resolution?

Most of the UI in LE is tailored for 1080p or greater so if you are using a lower resolution then there are quite a few instances like the one you have provided where the UI doesnt fit properly or overlaps…

Not entirely sure if the devs have mentioned how they will deal with this yet but they did make a lot of UI changes in 0.8.2 (if I recall the version correctly) and I expect that all the new effort to update tooltips for quality/accuracy MIGHT also include how and where they are visually placed… Not sure when they will add that to a patch tho.

Yes, my resolution is 1680x1050. I was checking out the other nodes to see if I could read what Ravaging Aura did and the tooltip for Ravaging Aura would move if I held alt while moving my mouse inbetween the three nodes that had Ravaging Aura. I’ve attached screenshots of the end result of starting at Ravager, moving my mouse to another node while holding alt, then moving back to Ravager.

If I hold alt, then move my mouse over Ravager, sometimes the tooltip for Ravaging Aura will not be in the same place as my original image, but it doesn’t happen every time I try it. I’ve included a screenshot of what it looks like when it does move.

Yip… thats my experience when testing lower res… It seems like the UI positioning calculation doesnt compensate for less than 1920x1080 pixels properly and its messing up the the mouse position variable…

Not being a Unity dev, I cannot say for sure what needs to be done about it… I have a feeling its one of those minor bugs at the bottom of a long list of things on their internal dev tracker that is currently ordered by priority…

I’ve occassionally had that issue at 1440 but pressing alt again usually fixes it.

I dont have access to higher res to test myself… but my guess its the same issue - whatever function they have aint positioning the tooltips properly… :grinning: