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Rarity of Affixes

I have been playing Last Epoch since August 25 and am enjoying the game. I was wondering about affixes and if there is some sort of rarity or level scaling to them. It seems that some affixes appear very rarely while others are much more common. I have cleared all the barrels in the Arena between waves on my level 65 Sorcerer and Level 31 Lich and have found like 5 items with “Of the Ocean” (increased mana regeneration). My level 31 Lich has yet to find an “Occultist” (increased Necrotic Damage) item even though I regularly find items for void damage and poison damage.

Is it just me having bad RNG or is there something in-game that makes the affixes more rare than others?

I can confirm that some affixes are rare than others by design.

I don’t have the numbers in front of me, so I can’t speak to specific affixes right now.