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Rare Bears' Glacier ability might do too much damage

Am I the only one constantly getting one shot by this? The bear doesn’t even need a damage modifier, just the baseline damage always seems to kill me.

It might just be because there isn’t high enough level gear, but it seems to do high thousands of damage when scaled to level 80+, and it’s instant/unpredictable, so you can’t really avoid it.

All rare abilities are way overtuned. Those void armors - same thing. The avian chimeras - same thing. You need a ranged attack to take care of them or dance around them, no other way. Guess this is the point, there must be things that one shot you to keep you on your toes.

i get bodied by them at wave 300-400 pretty regularly
yea it needs a charge up time and a telegraph (big aoe circle like the soul cages)
i think those bears can instantly teleport on top of you aswell then pop that shit for ez 1 shots

Eh…do you have glancing blow really high? What are your defensive stats over all? I didnt have too much trouble with them. But was only semi melee.

with my current build i went for tons of offense, some vitality / defense here and there, i know glancing blow is OP but i like seeing my deeps go up lol

my necromancer makes it to wave 750ish consistently though since i can summon like 70 minions and have them take all the damage while i generate 2-4k ward consistently but the build causes huge lag so i had to stop for my own sanity, it would probably climb way higher if it didnt cause lag.

So you must be Riful_ ?:slight_smile:
Well you know what I’m going to say then lol. Welll the bears are like a check point boss. Gotta have some damage reduction scaling:) I mean the devs nerfed the 40% less damage from juggernaut stance for a reason haha.

Do all 5 of your skills have skill trees in the current build? Could make a switch skill. Used to do that pretty regularly.

nah not that guy lol
i have 2 skills that can be swapped out for defensive options

Then what necromancer thats above 750:P

that dude that you mentioned lol
just to clarify that character was in alpha before the wipe, i played it thinking the game was inherently laggy and didnt mind since its in alpha, then the beta hit and i re rolled for something fresh, turns out my build causes lag, rip.

i think arena didn’t ramp up as hard back then so its not much of a feat anyway.

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