Rare and Magic monsters/items

Why is there a distinction between “magic” (blue) and “rare” (yellow) items and monsters? Is it another “Because D2 had it/PoE has it” kind of answer?

I really do not see the need for the two different tiers. Why not just merge magic and rare into one single tier?

Sure you have MOF mods that affects rare monsters only. But you also have the “high health” mod pool. But that just supports the argument for unification imo. It has never been clear to me what “high health” mean in the first place. Is it rare+unique monsters, all non-white monster, or all monsters where HP > x.

They pretty much are already: the tier of an item only represents the number of affixes it possesses,. A blue item could have higher overall affixes than a rare one.

You can also upgrade a normal item into a rare one through crafting, which is a simple enough process, unlike PoE.

My point exactly!
You interact with both type of items in the same way, there is no functional difference beside the item suddenly turns yellow when you add a third mod. This however does not happen if you add a third mod to an exalted item?!

Thus if we categorize items by color/rarity we would conclude:
Magic: items with 1-2 mods below T6
Rare: items with 3-4 mods below T6
Exalted: items with 1-4 mods with 1+ mod above T6
This does not seem very consistent to me.

Its very consistent thats why you were able to break it down into 3 rules that are set perimeters.

The items are fine. The color identification also helps visually when seeing loot and breaking them up into those set rules makes creating things like the lootfilter easier.

As for magic vs rare mobs this ismt as clear. While i domt want them to be combined I encountering different types that have a different variety of mods to pull from i would actually like to see more types added. Like legendary and unique mobs.

A unique mob can only appear in a map 1x (kinda like slaying bosses atm)
A legendary mob is unique but also has legendary powers or pulls from a pull of legendary skills like orobyss

I really don’t understand your grudge with this.

I have a general issue with systems being more complicated than necessary. If a system does not add functional value it should be removed or reworked such that it does.

“Blue” mobs have 1 “affix” (eg, increased hp, damage when hit), “yellow” mobs have 2.

It is clear, see above…

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It does have a value.
It’s a widely recognised method to identify loot in loot-based games and a nice stepping stone for the ones playing for the first time.

After that you can make everything of the color you prefer through the loot filter.

It is not very consistent at all. My crafting example shows why. Two very similar items reacts differently to having a third mod added. That is not consistent in my book.

It is really important to know if an item has 2, 3 or 4 mods? You cannot see that by the color alone for exalted items of course.
Reg. the lootfilters: My lootfilters are always configured by number and/or tiers of mods and not by rarity.

Today i learned!

There not similar One has a tier 6+ affix making it exalted.

Seems like what you want is not a merge. You want 1 more rarity added. Magic exalted and rare exalted

Are you saying that you do want to be able to visually tell from a distance? Just look at the dots in the name. Will even tell you number of prefix and suffix without ever scrolling over or touching the item.

I cant tell if your wanting to merge items like originally stated or your wanted more classes to tell distinction to a greater detail based on color

I think that the “rare” distinction is complete unnecessary, because, as you mentioned, the dots immediately informs the player of how many mods an item has. And the rarity does not serve any other purpose.
I could even do without the “exalted” distinction but I acknowledge that it can be useful for players who do want to set up a loot filter.

Thinking while I am writing here, so bear with me. I think my ideal system would have no distinctions between crafted items with different number/tiers of mods, but instead each mod has a (slightly) different color depending on which tier that mod is, so when you hover over an item you can easily identify the tiers of the mods without having to remember the breakpoints for all the different tiers (or pressing Alt).

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