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Raptor "Screech" ability stacking

Hi, i tried searching forums but I couldn’t find any info. My question is how does the Raptor’s Screech ability stack? The tooltip says it applies 2 stacks with 4 second duration and a 10 second cooldown, and a max stack of 20. How can it go past 2 stacks? Is there another ability that grants this debuff?

Also, does Screech stack with Armour Shred? They look like different debuffs as Screech reduces by a percentage and Armour Shred reduces by a flat amount.

Thanks for any help.

The Screech “skill” has a 10s cooldown & applies X stacks of Armour Shred. Physical shred has a cap of 20 (regardless of the source) & lasts for 4s.

Armour shred would stack with phys shred for physical hits but not physical DoTs (bleed) or any other non-physical damage.

Thanks for the info. I am still not sure if it’s possible to get more than 2 Screech stacks on an enemy at any time though. I don’t understand why it can stack to 20 when it will only ever total 2 stacks of % reduction. It seems like I should respec out of this ability if there is no way to increase Screech stacks past 2.